girls season 3 finaleThere was some Broadway, some midwestern acceptance and, not unexpectedly, a whole lot of unhappy people on the Season 3 finale of Girls on HBO last night. Following an airing of The Hangover Part III, the 10 PM “Two Plane Rides” episode drew 670,000 viewers.  That’s up 6% from the 632,000 viewers who tuned in for the Girls Season 2 finale at 9PM on March 17, 2013. It’s also down from the show’s series high of 1.1 million viewers from Girls’ Season 3 debut on January 12, which had the premiere of True Detective as its lead-in. Girls’ Season 1 finale pulled in 1 million viewers for its June 17, 2012 airing. Over three showings last night’s episode, which was directed and written by creator/star Lena Dunham, was seen by 1 million viewers. The Emmy winning and Golden Globe nominated and frequently skin showing show was renewed by HBO for a fourth season on January 9 even before its Season 3 began. On average, Season 3 was even with Season 2 with gross viewership of 4.6 million.