Megyn Kelly has landed a sit-down with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — his first cable news network interview since his MegynKellyJanuary press conference on the George Washington Bridge lane-closure scandal. Kelly’s Fox News Channel interview — a cable news exclusive — will be presented on The Kelly File in two parts, tomorrow and Monday. The interview will take place at the governor’s Trenton office; he also is expected to be asked about his 2016 presidential aspirations and the other members of the GOP field.

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ABC News’ Diane Sawyer sat down with Christie and his wife Mary Pat today at their home in New Jersey — his first television interview since that marathon January news conference. The interview airs tonight on World News and all ABC News platforms.

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Christie today released his internal review of that scandal, which found political motivations behind a plan by aides to Christie to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge and spark a massive traffic jam in the town of Fort Lee. According to the internal report, conducted by lawyers on behalf of Christie, an ally named David Wildstein said he told Christie of the traffic jam while it was underway, but Christie says he did not recall that discussion. The internal review generally cleared Christie of wrongdoing, saying he had no advance knowledge of the lane closures. Critics were skeptical, given that lawyers leading the investigation were hired by the governor’s office and some key figures in the incident refused to participate. A federal prosecutor also is investigating the incident, as are state lawmakers. Christie is expected to make a run at the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, and today’s investigation results are thought to be part of an image reboot — that image having taken a beating when word broke about the deliberate bridge snarling, which critics have blasted as act of political retribution against the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee.