Dominique Besnehard France 10%Inspired by the two-decade agenting career of Dominique Besnehard at France’s biggest talent house Artmedia, the six-part comedy 10% will shoot this summer for national broadcaster France 2. Besnehard is a former casting director and prolific actor who went on to be arguably the best-known agent in the local business. At one time or another, he represented such talent as Isabelle Adjani, Juliette Binoche, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Eva Green, Jacqueline logo_france_2Bisset, Michael Vartan, Alain Chabat, Rupert Everett, Eric Cantona, Jean-Louis Trintignant, François Ozon and Claire Denis. I’m told the series is currently casting for three principal roles and promises a big-name guest star inserted each week to play themselves. While I’m not convinced this is a series that could travel — it’ll depend on the execution and how inside baseball the comedy is — it could be an interesting look at the cultural differences in the French agency business compared to the frenetic Hollywood version depicted in the popular HBO series Entourage. For instance, did you know that Artmedia, for one, turns on a non-message-taking answering machine for an hour at lunchtime? Feature helmer Cédric Klapisch (Chinese Puzzle, Auberge Espagnole) is directing the first three 52-minute episodes. His wife Lola Doillon will helm the next two, and a third director will be added for the finale. Besnehard, who left Artmedia to become a producer in 2006, is producing 10% with Michel Feller via their Mon Voisin Productions and alongside Harold Valentin of Mother Production. This is a busy time for Besnehard, whose revealing autobiography Casino D’Hiver was just published in France.