The Art of War‘The Good Wife’ Bombshell: Story Behind The Shocking Exit, Showrunners Speak
By Nellie Andreeva
The Good Wife creators/showrunners Michelle and Robert King, discuss a major character’s exit, its impact on the show and what lies ahead.

CNN’s Piers Morgan Signs Off With Final Blast At U.S. Gun Laws (Video)
By Lisa de Moraes
Piers Morgan wrapped his three-year CNN run on Friday night with (gasp!) a full hour of discussion about the missing plane. But in his four-minute final remarks, he couldn’t resist taking a parting shot at the NRA. 

‘The Colbert Report’ Embroiled In Racial Controversy
By Nellie Andreeva
The line between satire and ignorance is often thin, and a taken-out-of-context line from The Colbert Report seems to have crossed it.

ColbertPress Runs Interference For ‘The Colbert Report’ As #CancelColbert Grows Louder
By Lisa de Moraes
Social media went all Lord of the Flies over a Twitter conflagration that erupted when @ColbertReport tweeted out a single line that Stephen Colbert had delivered on Wednesday night’s The Colbert Report mocking Dan Snyder for his latest reaction to the calls to change the racist name of his Washington NFL team.

WGA: Why Gains, Lessons From 2008′s Strike Will Keep Hollywood From Another War
By David Robb, Special to Deadline
As negotiators prepare to return to the bargaining table to resume WGA contract talks, many in the industry who saw the crippling writers strike of 2007-08 as an avoidable debacle worry about the prospect of a repeat of that disastrous walkout.

Tessa Ferrer & Gaius Charles To Depart ‘Grey’s Anatomy’
By Nellie Andreeva
Grey’s Anatomy is bidding adieu to two recent cast additions.

History’s Vikings Renewed For a Third Season
By Nellie Andreeva
History has renewed its first (and only for now) original scripted series Vikings for a third season.

‘Scandal’ Actor Arrested, Faces Up to 4 Years In Prison
By Dominic Patten
Columbus Short seemed to have taken the whole Gladiator thing a bit too far and now could find himself behind bars for up to 4 years.

Aereo Blasts Broadcasters In Supreme Court Response Brief
By Dominic Patten
Aereo may have agreed with broadcasters late last year that the best venue for their ongoing legal “war of attrition” is the Supreme Court. But as the most recent brief to the plaintiffs reveals, that’s all the two sides agree on in this case.

Discovery Sued For Cameraman’s Death In Reality Show Chopper Crash
By Dominic Patten
Discovery Communications is facing yet another wrongful death and negligence lawsuit over the fatal helicopter crash on February 10, 2013, during filming of a reality show.