NoahBiblical and Faith-Based Movies: In Hollywood to Stay?
By Anita Busch
After this weekend’s successful opening for Noahis there any doubt anymore that if Hollywood builds it, they will come?


Writers Rail As Talks Resume: A Deadline Survey
By Mike Fleming, Jr.
As talks are about to resume Monday on the final elements that many hope will lead to a new deal for the Writers Guild Of America, we wanted to lend some perspective and give voice to the TV and feature writers whose fortunes will be tied directly to the deal their union makes. Deadline spoke with 10 film and TV scribes and asked them the following questions:

First Question in Deadline’s Writers SurveyHow has your ability to make a living improved or deteriorated since the WGA strike and why?

Second Question in Deadline Writers Survey: As a working writer, what is the greatest hardship right now facing you?

Third Question in Deadline Writers Survey: How do you feel about the deal that the WGA is considering?

Fourth Question in Deadline Writers SurveyWould you vote for former WGA president Patric Verrone in his bid for the California State Legislature?

Fifth Question in Deadline Writers SurveyWhat tangible gains or losses did you realize through the 2008 strike, financial or other?

BoyhoodQ&A: Richard Linklater Firms Summer Release, Talks 12 Years Making ‘Boyhood’
By Mike Fleming Jr.
Boyhood, a time-lapse narrative feature film that Richard Linklater shot over a 12-year period, has been set for a July 11 release through IFC Films, which has stepped up and committed to a theatrical platform rollout and awards campaign.

Fox 2000 Grabs John Green Novel ‘Paper Towns’, Reunites ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Team With Nat Wolff To Star
By Mike Fleming, Jr.
After completing its adaptation of the John Green novel The Fault In Our Stars, Fox 2000 has made a deal for the 2008 Green novel Paper Towns, and it is working on bringing bring back together not only the producers and the screenwriters for another go but also one of the stars.

New Film & TV Tax Credit Bill Unanimously Passes First Hurdle In Sacramento
By Dominic Patten
A new bill intended to expand and overhaul California’s current $100 million Film and TV Tax Credit program passed its first legislative test as the state Assembly’s Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, And Internet Media committee voted unanimously in support of the measure.

Godzilla 2014 logoGodzilla Legal Battle With Ex-Producers Gets Trial Date
By Dominic Patten
It’ll be almost a year to the day after the new Godzilla hits the big screen, but the long legal clash between Legendary Pictures and a trio of veteran producers dumped from the reboot now has a trial date.

Madonna To Direct Adaptation Of Novel ‘Ade: A Love Story’
By Mike Fleming, Jr.
After her 2011 feature directorial debut W.E., Madonna is going behind the camera once again.