Sanjay Gupta’s pot documentary sequel tripled CNN’s prior four-week news demo ratings average at 10 PM yesterday, triggerinSanjayGuptaKushg a spate of  “ratings highs” gags among The Reporters Who Cover Television. Weed 2: Cannabis Madness: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports averaged 354,000 demo viewers in the hour. cnnlogo4In the prior four weeks, the cable news network averaged 121,000 news demo viewers. Weed 2 handily beat Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell‘s 186,000 demo viewers on MSNBC, but was edged out by Fox News’ Hannity (370,000). Among viewers of all ages, Weed 2’s 757,000 viewers is about 1 million short of Hannity tally in the hour (1.759 million) but better than O’Donnell‘s (691,000). Most impressively, and least surprisingly, among ages 18-34 CNN’s pot special (144,000) attracted a bigger crowd than O’Donnell (9,000) and Hannity (63,000) combined. But, as with so many sequels, the numbers paled compared to those of the original. Gupta’s first Weed special last summer attracted an average audience of 1.21 million viewers – 477,000 in the news demo.