Specialty Box OfficeThe Grand Budapest Hotel continued to charm audiences as it expanded, cashing in. The Fox Searchlight powerhouse moved into 66 theaters in its second weekend, grossing a cool $3.64M for a still dazzling $55,152 per-theater average. The Wes Anderson film shattered a slew of records last weekend when it opened in four theaters with a $200K screen average. It is still a must-see in its second round and even surpassed Anderson’s last film Moonrise Kingdom in the b.o. in its second week. That film played in 16 theaters in its second weekend after a record-breaking opener $130K-plus average back in May 2012. In its second weekend, Moonrise averaged $53,043 and went on to cume over $45.5M.

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grand-budapest_2813768bBudapest placed 8th in the overall box office. Noted Searchlight Sunday reporting the numbers: “The film is reaching a wide audience beyond the core Wes Anderson fans. While moviegoers have been visiting Art houses and Specialty venues in record breaking fashion this weekend, there have also been great results in the few mainstream multiplexes that we opened as well. It appears that the film has as opportunity to cross over to an audience who may not have seen his films before, but are now ready to check into The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Searchlight will take Budapest to an additional 40 markets next week and will expand in existing cities, taking the feature to 275 – 325 theaters. And it will expand further later in the month and into April.

This weekend featured a heavy group of openers and more than one competitor openly told me they were hoping to ride some of Budapest‘s coattails. Music Box opened British romance-drama Le Week-End in three theaters, grossing $45K for a $15K average. “We’ll follow Grand Budapest Hotel by at least a week in virtually every market and often in the same theater giving our trailer wide pre-release exposure and hopefully [following] on the good will and movie-going enthusiasm engendered by the Wes Anderson film,” Music Box’s Ed Arentz said this week.

badwordsAfter a bow at the SXSW Film Festival, Focus Features opened Jason Bateman’s directorial debut Bad Words in an initial limited release. It did a robust $120K in six theaters, for a solid $20K PTA, a feather in the cap for the Silver Spoons star-turned adult actor and now director. “Bad Words had a strong opening as it ramps up to wide release in the coming weeks. Specifically next week the film expands to runs in the top 20-plus markets and then a nationwide opening March 28,” Focus said Sunday. Anita Busch will have details as it goes wide in the coming weeks in her Sunday box office report.

A24 hit the scene last year with box office hits Spring Breakers and The Spectacular Now. It opened Québécois filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy with Jake Gyllenhaal in one theater in its initial run, grossing $18K. A24 assessed that the film to off to a “very solid start opening in New York this weekend. The first film released under the partnership between DirecTV and A24 will expand into the top 50 markets in the coming weeks.”

The weekend was packed with new offerings even as Budapest expanded and Bad Words, Enemy and Le Week-End took their bows. Oscilloscope’s delightful documentary rule breaker Teenage opened in one theater, grossing $8K, while Abramorama’s fellow doc Big Men also opened in a single location, grossing just over $9K. The company noted Sunday that the film was at IFC Center’s Theater 2, which has only 114 seats, “making the $9,050 even more impressive.” Scarlet Sky Productions opened The Word in a single location in Bridgeport, CT, taking in $3,720 where the film was shot. Also in one theater, Variance opened Retrieval, grossing $6,400 and RADiUS-TWC opened Art Of The Steal in 60 locations, grossing $38,500 at the box office ($642 average).

There were other holdovers this weekend. Adopt Films added 3 runs for Bethlehem, grossing $52K ($1,793 average), following last week’s $2,681 average in 26 theaters. Abramorama and Bond 360 added 11 runs for Particle Fever, grossing nearly $90K, averaging $6,401. It opened with a $14,601 PTA last week in 3 theaters. Sony Classics added five theaters for the third weekend of The Lunchbox, grossing over $97K for a satiating $5,410 average. It has now cumed nearly $315K.

Art Of The Steal
(RADiUS-TWC) NEW [60 Theaters] Weekend $38,500, Average $642
Bad Words (Focus Features) NEW [6 Theaters] Weekend $120K, Average $20K
Big Men (Abramorama) NEW [1 Theater] $9,050
Enemy (A24) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $18K
The Retrieval (Variance Films) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $6,400
The Word (Scarlet Sky Prod.) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $3,720
Teenage (Oscilloscope) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $8K
Le Week-End (Music Box Films) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $45K, Average $15K

Returning / 2nd Weekend
Bethlehem (Adopt Films) Week 2 [29 Theaters] Weekend $52K, Average $1,793, Cume $151,218
The Face Of Love (IFC Films) Week 2 [21 Theaters] Weekend $56,700, Average $2,700, $86,600
The Grand Budapest Hotel (Fox Searchlight) Week 2 [66 Theaters] Weekend $3,640,034, Average $55,152, Cume $4,778,974
Particle Fever (Abramorama/Bond 360) Week 2 [14 Theaters] Weekend $89,618, Average $6,401, Cume $178,872

Holdovers / 3RD+ Weekends
The Lunchbox (Sony Pictures Classics) Week Week 3 [18 Theaters] Weekend $97,386, Average $5,410, Cume $314,812
Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (Sundance Selects) Week 4 [36 Theaters] Weekend $49,680, Average $1,380, Cume $195,358
Omar (Adopt Films) Week 4 [33 Theaters] Weekend $41K, Average $1,242, Cume $570,743
Beijing Love Story (China Lion) Week 5 [4 Theaters] Weekend $4,500, Average $1,125, Cume $423,600
Tim’s Vermeer (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 7 [109 Theaters] Weekend $218,175, Average $2,001, Cume $,010,539
August: Osage County (The Weinstein Company) Week 12 [203 Theaters] Weekend $100K, Average $493, Cume $37,468,757
Philomena (The Weinstein Company) Week 17 [502 Theaters] Weekend $410K, Average $817, Cume $36,640,162
Dallas Buyers Club (Focus Features) Week 20 [281 Theaters] Weekend $362K, Average $1,288, Cume $26,765,352
12 Years A Slave (Fox Searchlight) Week 22 [925 Theaters] Weekend $1,180,000, Average $1,276, Cume $55,047,992
Cutie And The Boxer (RADiUS-TWC) Week 30 [4 Theaters] Weekend $420, Average $105, Cume $199,465
20 Feet From Stardom (RADiUS-TWC) Week 40 [18 Theaters] Weekend $8,902, Average $495, Cume $4,928,658