paradigmAs Deadline reported last Friday, Paradigm has confirmed that agents Adam Kanter and Martin Spencer have joined the agency after their abrupt exits from Resolution. Word had raced last week that this was happening, as the two agents did not want to take paycuts from their low-seven-figure salaries. The two joined Jeff Berg last year shortly after he left ICM to launch Resolution, and those agents came from CAA. At Paradigm, they should feel right at home alongside former CAA cohorts Bob Bookman, Ken Stovitz, Rand Holston and most recently Manny Nunez.

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So now, the big question is which clients will join them in the move. Here are the ones I’m hearing are most likely to make the jump to Paradigm: Stuart Beattie, Stalingrad helmer Fedor Bondarchuk, Joe Johnston, Mark Steven Johnson, Malcolm Lee, Rob Minkoff, Evan and Shea Mirzai, Stephen Sommers, Joe Michael Straczynski and Simon West, with others still in play.

Here is the release from Paradigm:

Adam Kanter and Martin Spencer have joined Paradigm effective immediately.

“Adam and Martin are excellent agents with outstanding clients, taste and relationships and we are excited to have them join Paradigm,” said Sam Gores, Chairman and CEO of Paradigm. “Their familiarity and cohesive working relationships with many of our agents will allow them to be productive from day one, in both film and television.”

“We are excited to join the outstanding agents at Paradigm, some of whom we share a rich and successful history with,” said Kanter and Spencer in a joint statement. “We love the way the agency is growing and we know this is the right fit for us and our clients now and going forward.”

Adam and Martin will be announcing their client list shortly.