appleApple and Comcast are looking to team up on a deal for high quality streaming TV, “people familiar with the matter” tell WSJ. News of the early talks between the companies comes a month after Bloomberg reported that Apple was in negotiations with Time Warner Cable for a new Apple TV set-top box. The very next day Comcast and Time Warner announced their $45.2B merger sale. Comcast__120608213515 Apple’s potential pact with Comcast would ensure faster streaming to Apple users through the “last mile” channel of internet traffic separate from Comcast’s public web access, delivering high quality streams via Apple’s new cloud-based set-top box. Last week Netflix CEO Reed Hastings called out Comcast for the “arbitrary tax” charged to boost the quality of Netflix’s streaming transmissions via the cable provider’s network, despite Netflix’s part in what last month was announced as a “mutually beneficial interconnection agreement.”

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