Sadhu_GALLERY_06EXCLUSIVE: Hot off 300: Rise Of An Empire, Atmosphere Entertainment’s Mark Canton is next teaming with Graphic India to develop a live-action feature based on The Sadhu. He will produce with Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra, whose Graphic India is a character-based company focused on creating superheroes, comics and stories through mobile and digital platforms. The Sadhu is one of those superhero properties. Devarajan and Chopra also co-wrote the screenplay based on Warrior: Revenge Of The Sadhu, a new mobile comic series on the character to be launched later this year across India.

The story centers on James Jenson, a British soldier whose family is brutally murdered by a corrupt superior officer in the Indian colony of Bengal in 1858. Jenson escapes in the remote forests of India, where he seeks refuge with the mysterious Indian mystics known as sadhus. After years of being trained in their supernatural arts, Jenson must decide whether to use his newfound powers for inner peace and enlightenment, or vengeance.

“In the same way Greek myths have captivated the imagination of audiences around the world, the screenplay by Gotham Chopra and Sharad Devarajan for Warrior taps into the mystical traditions and mythologies of India through an accessible action-packed adventure that I am confident will make a spectacular blockbuster film and will mark the birth of a new franchise,” Canton said.

Said Devarajan: “With 300 and Immortals, Mark Canton has produced some of the most successful films in Hollywood based on epic myths and legends. We are incredibly honored that he will now be working with us to take the story of The Sadhu to the big screen.”

Graphic India was formed by Liquid Comics and CA Media LP, the Asian investment arm of The Chernin Group, LLC.