Simon's CatThis is an interesting alliance for animation veteran Fred Seibert whose executive producer credits include Adventure TimeThe Fairly OddParentsThe Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter’s Laboratory. Animator and director Simon Tofield’s Simon’s Cat is YouTube‘s No. 2 animation channel with 2.75M subscribers. Under the new deal Seibert’s Channel Frederator Network will handle all of Simon’s Cat‘s advertising and distribution including targeted ads that use TrueView and Adwords to cash in on sales of Simon’s Cat licensed merchandise. That could be significant. Simon’s Cat animation appears on Japan’s NHK and Italy’s LA7, with more than 1.5M books sold in at least 27 countries. There are more than 120 related products including stationary, gifting and apparel. The alliance is “proof of the fact that the internet has ushered in a new golden age of animation,” Seibert says.