Another Winter Storm Affects Atlanta AreaIt’s safe to assume TV or film projects scheduled to shoot today in areas of the Southeast that have already been — or are about to be — hit by the latest crippling winter storm have shut down production temporarily. The National Weather Service has called the storm “an event of historical proportions”; the service has also called the storm potentially “catastrophic,” “crippling” and “paralyzing.” In case you missed the news: Across the South, winter-weary residents woke up this morning to a landscape encased in ice, snow and freezing rain, and forecasters warning that the worst of the potentially “catastrophic” storm was yet to come. It’s so big, the storm led Today show’s coverage this morning, even though the NBC News program has schleppped to Sochi to cover the Winter Games, which are being plagued by too-warm weather.

Another Winter Storm Affects The SouthFrom Texas to the Carolinas and in Atlanta (which was hit by a much lesser storm a couple of weeks ago that wrecked havoc on the city), roads were slick with ice and tens of thousands were without power, the Associated Press reports. Interstates were largely desolate as most people heeded warnings to stay home. Fox News reported that more than 95,000 customers were without power early this morning, many of them in the Atlanta area (home to such productions as the CW’s The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, both of which shuttered production today, according to producer Warner Bros TV), and that conditions had forced the cancellations of thousands of flights across the country — including nearly 70% of flights heading in and out of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport, which is the busiest in the nation. As of this morning, more than 2,800 flights already had been canceled, Fox News Channel reported.

Atlanta-based CNN reported that the storm that’s already iced over Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi,  Alabama, and Georgia is expected to continue pelting the Southeast into tomorrow, so expect production to be shut down in those areas too Thursday. The storm is expected to move up the East Coast,with 4 to 8 inches of snow predicted for Washington, and 6 to 10 inches on New York from midnight tonight into tomorrow, CNN said.

Anyone who knows of any TV or film project that did NOT shut down in the Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia region?