Looking to cash in on the new naked reality TV genre — think of the wardrobe money to be saved — VH1 has greenlit new series Naked DatingVH1 logo.jpg, which the network boasts is all about exploring “the art of romance free of pre-conceived notions, stereotypes.” Because the VH1 target audience has no pre-conceived notions or stereotypes about body type. Once everyone has “stripped away the artifices of our modern world and revealed their ultimate, honest selves,” VH1 promises the results will be surprising. The hosted series will consist of 10 one-hour episodes, and the network promises they “will be edited according to network standards.” You’ll want to tune in to see if the traditional dating-show make-out sessions — think The Bachelor, etc —  passes muster with the network’s Decency Police when the make-out-ees are not wearing any clothing.

The show will be filmed on a “remote, exotic location” which hopefully means  “warm,” and each close-ended episode will feature “a man and a woman as they each date two different, naked suitors,” VH1 says, suggesting there will be no gay participants. At the end of the episode, the two romance seekers “analyze what they’ve learned from their dates and themselves before deciding on whether or not to move forward with their prospective love matches.”

“At first, this seems like a show that’s all about a noisy, provocative hook – and we embrace that,” VH1 EVP Original Programming & Production Susan Levison said in today’s announcement.  “But when you go deeper, it’s really about something that we can all relate to — the search for true love. It’s also a series with heart and masterful storytelling — both earmarks of an engaging, must-watch show.”

Naked Dating was created and is produced by Lighthearted Entertainment. Executive producers are Howard Schultz, Rob LaPlante and Jeff Spangler. Executive producers for VH1 are Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly and Fernando Mills.