Moviegoers who showed up for thevampire-academy-movie-poster-2 (1) midnight screening of Vampire Academy at a Pacific Theatre in Glendale, CA last night were turned away after buying tickets for the vampire romp — learning upon arrival that the screening was cancelled. Refunds were issued. Turns out that nine theaters across the country jumped the gun, a little too anxious to open midnight shows for the vampire movie. Thursday midnights were never scheduled. Distributor The Weinstein Company noted that it rarely, if ever, schedules midnight shows on Thursday. “As a policy we don’t allow them,” said Erik Lomis, TWC’s president of theatrical distribution and home entertainment. weinstein_logo“They were listed by mistake. The theaters were informed either Wednesday night or Thursday morning as we found out about them.” The Glendale 18 was notified on Tuesday afternoon but tickets were still selling at 4 PM online all the way up to three hours before showtime. There were only nine theaters out of the 2,676 that made the error and certainly those fans who bought tickets Thursday will buy tickets for this weekend.

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The daughter of one of the producers, Jillian Preger DeFrehn, who runs the Facebook fan page, showed up at the Glendale 18 to greet fans and ended up apologizing to everyone on behalf of filmmakers. She didn’t know about the error and had not heard about the cancellations either. Some fans said they had driven from as far as San Diego to see the film. Vampire Academy, with two young, strong female leads, is about good vampires studying at a university to be Guardians against evil vampires who love to kill.