fallon night 2UPDATE, 11:08AM:  Looks like Jimmy Fallon’s second night hosting The Tonight Show and Conan O’Brien’s second night in 2009 doing the same are tied among the key demo but wide apart in terms of audience. Fast nationals have both broadcasts drawing a 2.3 rating among adults 18-49 for NBC. However in terms of viewership the two aren’t at all close. On his second night on June 2, 2009, O’Brien had 6.15 million viewers while Fallon’s midnight show pulled in 7.366 million last night. Now granted, Fallon had the Olympics providing a bit of bump, though their numbers were down last night, but still that is the best Tuesday audience The Tonight Show has had since the 7.44 million who watched the day after Christmas in 2000. The 18-49 result is the best the late night show has done on a Tuesday since the 2.5 of December 13, 2005.

PREVIOUS, 7:03AM: The second night of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon brought sturdy ratings to NBC and outperformed Night 2 of Conan O’Brien‘s stint in 2009. In overnight metered-markets ratings, Fallon Night 2 drew a 5.3/15 result. While that’s unsurprisingly down from the strong 7.1/17 result the host pulled for his first show, which started at midnight like last night’s did, it did beat O’Brien’s second night hosting The Tonight Show by 5%.  However percentagewise, the drop was much more than what Jay Leno experienced on the second night of his return to The Tonight Show in 2010. Leno was down 14% from Night 1 to Night 2 while Fallon fell 25%. With guests Jerry Seinfeld, former fellow SNLer Kristen Wiig (who came on dressed as One Direction singer Harry Styles) and Lady Gaga, Tonight followed local news and NBC’s tape delayed Olympics primetime coverage of the Sochi Winter Games – which were down Tuesday with a 12.0/19 metered market rating from Monday’s 14.6/22.

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O’Brien’s June 2, 2009 show got a 5.0/12 overnight metered-market result – down from the 7.1/17 of his first night. It’s worth noting that Conan didn’t have the Olympics as a near lead-in like Fallon did – though  the highly watched 2009 Stanley Cup finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings were going on that week but weren’t shown on NBC that particular night.  The total viewership for night 2 of O’Brien’s short lived Tonight stint was 6.15 million with a 2.3 rating among adults 18-49. On his debut night, O’Brien had 9.17 million viewers with 3.8 rating among the demo – that’s a demo tie with Fallon’s first night and 2.14 million less in terms of viewers that the first night of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had.

Apples-to-oranges, Fallon’s second night was far ahead of night 2 of Leno’s return to The Tonight Show in 2010. Leno went from a 5.4/14 in metered-market result on his first night to a 4.6/12 on March 2, 2010. When the final numbers were in Leno had attracted 5.81 million viewers with a 1.6 rating among the key 18-49 demo. His first return show had the same demo rating but 6.67 million viewers. Also, Fallon surpassed his last late night second night. That March 3, 2009 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon broadcast pulled in a 2.0/7 in overnight metered-markets results. Ultimately, that Late Night had 2.507 million viewers with a 1.0 rating among adults 18-49.

Late night rivals David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel received respective overnight metered market ratings of  2.2/15 and 1.9/5 last night – a tiny drop for the ABC show despite a much hyped showing of the new trailer from Disney/Marvel’s upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy pic. We’ll update with final Fallon Tonight Show Day 2 numbers when they come in later.