NBC Universal LogosBill McGoldrick continues with executive changes at Syfy, which he took over over as head of programming in November. Tim Krubsack is stepping down as VP alternative programming at the NBCUniversal-owned network. His exit comes on the heels of Syfy Films SVP Production Gregory Noveck and Director of Development leaving in November. “After much consideration, I have decided to step down as Syfy’s head of unscripted development to pursue other opportunities,” Krubsack said in a statement. “I am very proud of what my team and I have accomplished here and now is the time for me to explore all the options that exist in the ever-growing unscripted arena.”

“We would like to thank Tim for his many contributions to Syfy’s unscripted successes including top-rated Face Off, the innovative social experiment Opposite Worlds, the buzz-generating Heroes of Cosplay, and stalwarts such as Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness,” McGoldrick said in a statement. “Tim also leaves us with an exceptionally strong development slate that will take Syfy to its next stage of unscripted programming. Tim is an incredibly hard-working executive whose strong production background allowed Syfy to program a wide variety of boundary pushing non-scripted series, and we wish great things for him in the next chapter of his career”.