The Horses MouthYears ago when working at the trades, one of the most popular features we did was The Horse’s Mouth, where we collected comments and unusual conversations we had with people across the film and TV industries and shared them with our readers. We’ll never tell, but you know who you are:

Joe BidenDeadline Commenter: I have three words for that: Joe Biden.

Reporter: I left a message for Sanford [Panitch], too.
Assistant: The name of the movie is Sanford 2?
Reporter: No, Sanford Panitch. He works at Fox with you.


Universal press release: The new title for the Untitled Illumination Entertainment Project 1 is now the Untitled Pets Project.

IBM 486Agent-turned-producer: Where do I access []?
Reporter: The site is only accessible on an IBM 486 using Windows 95.

Producer: Where did you get that information from?
Reporter: I can’t tell you that.
Producer: Can you tell me if you got it from [name]?
Reporter; No, I can’t tell you that.
Producer: OK, then did you talk to [same name]?
Reporter: I can’t tell you anyone I spoke with.
Producer: OK, then can you tell me what kind of person you got that information from?
Reporter: Now you’re asking me if it is the same job that [the same name] has?
Producer: Yeah.
Reporter: I can’t tell you where I got the information from.
Producer: OK, because I was just wondering if you spoke to [same name].
Reporter: Yeah, I can’t tell you anyone I spoke with. I would do the same for you. Just can’t say.
Producer: OK, well, I never spoke to you if anyone asks.
Reporter: Right.