LisaColumn__131015210634-275x198Ever since chimps became a no-no for Super Bowl ads — too many pesky press reports about baby chimps taken from their moms, and no good coming to them after they’d aged out of acting — advertising industry navel gazers have been trying to figure out what’s the new chimpanzee of Super Bowl spots. (Yes, chimps were so big, as recently as 2011, polls were created SuperBowl2014asking viewers for their fave from that year’s crop of Super Bowl chimp ads.)

This year the search continues. Puppies are the new chimpanzees, say some, citing Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad featuring a Clydesdale and a puppy that had clocked more than 30 million YouTube views by Saturday noon (see it below). That’s tens of millions of views ahead of the latest Cheerios Super Bowl ad featuring a multi-racial family, despite the best efforts of MSNBC and the RNC to whip up interest in that one. Others insist bears are the new chimps, pointing to Goldilocks’ three bears appearing with Ellen DeGeneres in a Beats Music ad (see that one below), the slow-clapping bear in the CarMax ad, and the behemoth bear in the Chobani ad. Still others pronounced “weird” the new chimps, citing this year’s Doritos finger-cleaner ad, and Audi’s Doberuahua ad.

Here’s the Budweiser ad you will see tomorrow:

The ad industry, meanwhile, appears to have banked on Hollywood celebrities being the new chimpanzees based on the volume of entertainment industry luminaries flooding the game ads this year. They include Scarlett Johansson plugging a home carbonation gadget; Stephen Colbert plugging nuts; James Franco pitching Fords; Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier pitching in to help John Stamos hawk Greek yogurt; Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong urging us to buy something called a Jag-ewe-ar; and Seinfeld promoting whatever it is he’s going to plug.

Related: Jerry Seinfeld Says He’s Not Shooting Super Bowl Ad … Sorta Beats Music hit the motherlode when it got DeGeneres to not only star as Goldilocks — with those three bears though, sadly, no puppies — in an ad for the new music service, it got her to plug it two consecutive days on her syndicated talk show, to thunderous applause her studio audience both. Still, it appears none of these stars is any match for one yellow lab puppy and one very large horse.

Here’s the Beats Music ad: