Specialty Box OfficeElaine Stritch‘s new docu opened in a pair of New York theaters this weekend to a decent crowd. The Tribeca ’13 doc opened at Lincoln Plaza and IFC Center grossing $30K. Now in a wheelchair and frail, the Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress/performer nevertheless made headlines last weekend when she delivered the F-bomb on The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, giving the film a round of publicity in the lead up to its weekend opening. elaine stritch shoot meElaine Stritch: Shoot Me got off to a fantastic start as the film will roll out to the top twenty markets throughout March. “Audiences came out to see the well reviewed documentary about the legendary Emmy and Tony award winner,” noted IFC Films Sunday. It will also be available via VOD soon.

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Adopt Films opened its Foreign-Language Oscar nominee Omar in a fairly wide 51 theaters. The Palestinian feature by Hany Abu-Assad won festival accolades from Cannes, London, NYFF and AFI Fest had by far the widest opening among its fellow Oscar contenders that have opened Stateside. Tribeca Film’s Broken Circle Breakdown opened in one theater grossing $7,100 ($158 cume), while Magnolia’s The Hunt bowed in 10 theaters last July, growing $43K ($613 cume). Janus Films’ The Great Beauty is by far the box office winner among the pack, passing the $2 million cume threshold this week. It opened in one location in November, grossing $23,442. Strand’s The Missing Picture from Cambodia will open next month.

Roadside Attractions opened two films this weekend, including In Secret, which played in 266 theaters. It grossed $271,500 for a relatively slight $1,021 PTA. Roadside also opened Barefoot in far fewer locations as well – 18 theaters – but it did not report grosses. It is day and date and likely not giving it a serious theatrical push.

China Lion continued to win over audiences with Beijing Love Story, which added 3 more runs in its second weekend. It grossed $106K for an $8,833 average, the weekend’s biggest PTA among the Specialties. “We’re over the moon with the performance thus far, especially the weekend expansion into Seattle,” said China Lion Sunday when reporting numbers. The film opened in 9 theaters last week, grossing $128K. IFC Films reported 4-day grosses last weekend for its Cannes competition feature Jimmy P., which grossed a decent $12,200 at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center at Lincoln Center. The film played a pair of theaters in its second weekend, grossing a more modest $2,600 though it is also available on VOD.

Philomena (1)TWC’s Philomena played 1,004 theaters, down from its peak 1,225 playdates from last week. It grossed $1.181M for a still robust $1,176 PTA in its 14th week and a cume topping $32.7M. “It got some of the highest test ratings for us since The King’s Speech, but it’s a movie you have to nurture,” Harvey Weinstein told Deadline’s Mike Fleming last week about Philomena. “You try to do everything equally for all the films, and sometimes one will emerge, and that one was Philomena.” The company played August: Osage County in 525 theaters in the feature’s 9th weekend. It grossed $385K for a $733 average. Weinstein told Fleming that in retrospect, he thinks finishing it in time for a premiere in Toronto may have not been the best strategy for the film, saying in part: “I do think we paid a price critically by rushing for Toronto.” Still the film has grossed $36.6M. Added Weinstein, “The movie cost us $25 million plus the tax rebate, so it was inexpensive with all the talent including Meryl and Julia taking a fraction of their salaries upfront.”

Oscar nominee 12 Years A Slave grossed $510K in 349 theaters in its 19th weekend, down only slightly from 386 theaters and a $544 gross last weekend. It will easily pass the $50M in the coming couple of weeks, perhaps sooner should it take home the big win next Sunday. Dallas Buyers Club is closing in on the $25M cume. It played 175 theaters in its 17th weekend, grossing $276K ($1,577 average), while Nebraska grossed $400K in 210 locations ($1,905 average) and a 15 week cume of nearly $16.5M. And though it was shunned from any main category Oscar nominations, Inside Llewyn Davis mounted the $13M cume mark this week. It grossed $73K in 102 theaters in its 12th weekend.


Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (IFC Films) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $15K, Average $7,500, Cume $30K
In Secret (Roadside Attractions) NEW [266 Theaters] Weekend $271,500, Average $1,021
Omar (Adopt Films) NEW [51 Theaters] Weekend $157K, Average $3,078

Returning / 2nd Weekend
Beijing Love Story
(China Lion) Week 2 [12 Theaters] Weekend $106K, Average $8,833, Cume $325K
Jimmy P. (IFC Films) Week 2 [2 Theaters] Weekend $2,600, Average $1,300, Cume $15,209

Holdovers / 3RD+ Weekends
Of A Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq (Kino Lorber Films) Week 3 [3 Theater] Weekend $11K, Average $3,667, Cume $58K
The Last Of The Unjust (Cohen Media Group) Week 3 [4 Theaters] Weekend $3,645, Average $911, Cume $38,692
Tim’s Vermeer (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 4 [22 Theaters] Weekend $91,317, Average $4,150, Cume $327,385
Gloria (Roadside Attractions) Week 6 [112 Theaters] Weekend $234,525, Average $2,094, Cume $1,345,447
Like Father Like Son (IFC Films) Week 6 [22 Theaters] Weekend $30,800, Average $1,400, Cume $178,900
August: Osage County (The Weinstein Company) Week 9 [525 Theaters] Weekend $385K, Average $733, Cume $36,600,311
The Invisible Woman (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 9 [32 Theaters] Weekend $27,058, Average $845, Cume $1,092,302
The Past (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 10 [75 Theaters] Weekend $90.505, Average $1,206, Cume $1,144,904
Inside Llewyn Davis (CBS Films) Week 12 [107 Theaters] Weekend $73K, Average $682, Cume $13,072,073
Philomena (The Weinstein Company) Week 14 [1,004 Theaters] Weekend $1.181M, Average $1,176, Cume $32,704,936
The Great Beauty (Janus Films) Week 15 [50 Theaters] Weekend $82,795, Average $1,656, Cume $2,092,756
Nebraska (Paramount Vantage) Week 15 [210 Theaters] Weekend $400K, Average $1,905, Cume $16,488,873
Dallas Buyers Club (Focus Features) Week 17 [175 Theaters] Weekend $276K, Average $1,577, Cume $24,725,501
12 Years A Slave (Fox Searchlight) Week 19 [349 Theaters] Weekend $510K, Average $1,461, Cume $49,064,723
Inequality For All (RADiUS-TWC) Week 22 [2 Theaters] Weekend $175, Average $88, Cume $1,205,071
Cutie And The Boxer (RADiUS-TWC) Week 28 [2 Theaters] Weekend $285, Average $142, Cume $195,295
20 Feet From Stardom (RADiUS-TWC) Week 37 [12 Theaters] Weekend $6,567, Average $547, Cume $4,867,029