Snake SalvationDays after the death by snake bite of reality show star Pastor Jamie Coots, National Geographic Channel has set a special tribute episode of Snake Salvation to air tomorrow, February 20. Coots was one of the leads on Nat Geo’s show following two Southern Pentecostal pastors and practitioners of the “Holiness” faith, which partook in the dangerous tradition of snake handling. Coots died Saturday after refusing medical attention for a rattlesnake bite incurred during church service. Snake Salvation: They Shall Take Up Serpents will air Thursday, Feb. 20 at 10 PM ET/PT. “We wanted to air this episode tomorrow night as a way to give perspective to the world-wide discussion his death has caused,” Nat Geo Ceo David Lyle said in a statement. The special episode will highlight Coots’ struggle to procure and maintain the collection of venomous snakes used in his church, including a trip to buy diamondbacks in Texas.

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