Who would’ve thought Kim Kardashian would be the link connecting The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? After being part of the celebrity Shut Your von Trapp! music ditty that sent off Leno on his final Tonight Show, the reality star was among a parade of celebrities who welcomed Fallon tonight during his first hosting gig on NBC‘s late-night staple. “Surprise” guests including Robert De Niro — Fallon’s first guest on Late Night in 2009 —  Fallon’s former Weekend Update co-host Tina Fey, former Tonight Show regular Joan Rivers, Seth Rogen, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsay Lohan and Fallon’s new late-night rival Stephen Colbert stopped by to pay up after “betting” that Fallon wouldn’t make it to The Tonight Show. For Rivers, the stint came exactly 49 years after her first appearance on The Tonight Show, on Feb. 17, 1965. It also came 28 years after she was banned from Tonight following her 1986 departure to do her own late-night show on Fox.“It’s about time! I’ve been sitting in a taxi outside NBC with the meter running since 1987,” Rivers said. Watch Fallon collect: