relishmixI’ve covered market research, test marketing, advertising, promotions, since the 1980s and every once in a while something comes along to warrant attention. In theSuper_Bowl_XLVIII_logo__140204013019 early 1990s, it was a little-known company known as Marketcast and a man named Joseph Helfgot who had launched an alternative to the all-powerful (and monopolistic) market research company, NRG. After I introduced Helfgot’s research methodology to Hollywood through a story about Orion Pictures, NRG’s head Joe Farrell called, furious at me. He also called my bosses to try to discredit my reporting. The problem wasn’t the story itself, but that we brought attention to an outsider encroaching on NRG’s territory. But I knew Helfgot was onto something: he was applying positioning studies long used on corporate brands … to movies. And, what’s more, he did it successfully — with Orion Pictures’ Dances With Wolves and The Silence Of the Lambs.

Orion, during those days, had the time to analyze data, take Marketcast’s information to help position and reposition both pictures launch and flourish (Both did well at the box office and won Best Picture Oscars). After an initial rough patch trying to get around the NRG/studio relationship barrier, Helfgot ended up earning the industry’s respect and changed the face of how Hollywood marketed its fare. Today, in the Internet Age, there is another new company that warrants attention: It’s called RelishMIX which is tracking all the major social media, mainly the Big Three — YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. (Click thru to see chart) But, it’s focusing not on clicks, but on what’s really important to a brand: Engagement. Nielsen and ComScore are also out there using similar metric methodology, however, ComScore looks at web traffic and Nielsen is collecting hashtag info. RelishMIX is looking at the interaction among all major social media networks with each other and the effectiveness of how to use them together. It is calculating clicks, yes, but also collecting information about the length of time a user is actually engaged, do they watch the spot until the end, where do they engage and for how long compared to another social network site, etc. In other words, marketing effectiveness across all networks using the metrics of social engagement.

RelishMIX, started in 2012 by a guy named Marc Karzen, has developed an algorithm over the past two years that looks at the influence and importance and how each indices effects the other. Universal, Paramount and some Fortune 500 corporations are quietly using the company’s info behind the scenes now. Here is how the Super Bowl spots best engaged audiences on all major social media combined, according to RelishMIX. Click on the chart to enlarge:Relish-SuperBowl1