shippJohn Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen/The Flash in the 1990s TV series, has been added to the cast of the CW/WBTV/DC pilot The Flash, which retells the story of scientist Allen (Grant Gustin) who, through a freak accident, is given the power of super speed. The producers are keeping Shipp’s recurring character a secret.

grinnellBret ErnstTodd Grinnell and Bret Ernst have been cast as regulars  in NBC‘s comedy pilot Mason Twins. Written by June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson, it tells the the story of two fraternal twin sisters, Lizzie (Erinn Hayes) and Pender (Raphael), who reunite after being estranged since high school. Grinell, repped by Gersh, Gartner/Green and Loeb & Loeb, will play Kyle, Pender’s former boyfriend who is now her boss at the pizzeria. Ernst plays Joey, the bartender at the pizzeria.