mcdowellIn a competitive situation, Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, has inked a deal for a memoir by Christina McDowell to be published in Spring 2015. The pact comes a month after McDowell made headlines with her LA weekly column An Open Letter To The Makers Of The Wolf Of Wall Street, And The Wolf Himself. In the letter, which went viral, she spoke of the lesser known victims of crimes such as Jordan Belfort’s — their family members. McDowell’s father, Tom Prousalis, was an associate of Belfort and went to prison for stock fraud. Her memoir tells the story of a family torn apart by one man’s greed and wanton pursuit of material gain and how it permanently altered the lives of his wife and three daughters. It is framed as a father/daughter story and a tale of starting over that is described as a younger, true-life version of Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. McDowell’s piece drew immediate interest from publishers and there is already talk about adapting it to the screen. “I urge each and every human being in America NOT to support this film, because if you do, you’re simply continuing to feed the Wolves of Wall Street,” McDowell said in conclusion of her letter, which accused The Wolf Of Wall Street of glorifying Belfort and others like him, including her father. “I have been overwhelmed by the response to my letter, as I’ve come to learn that my story is just one of many Americans whose lives were turned upside down as a result of the greed and lack of accountability in this country,” she said. “For all the victims that reached out to me — and to those who have shared with me their stories of loss and their struggle to start their lives over for one reason or another — I will carry your voices with me as I write.” This marks the first acquisition for Alison Callahan since joining Gallery Books as executive editor. McDowell is repped by Peter McGuigan of Foundry Literary + Media, Dan Farah of Farah Films & Management, and attorney Todd Rubenstein.