rylandBritish actor Jonathan Ryland is set as one of the two leads in NBC‘s  Lifesaver, lifting the cast-contingency off the multi-camera project. Lifesaver, from writer Wil Calhoun, Universal TV and Peter Traugott’s TBD Entertainment, is an odd couple comedy in which two polar opposites, the uptight Graham and loose cannon Leon (Ryland), become inextricably linked after Leon saves Graham’s life by giving him a kidney. Leon isn’t oblivious to rules, guidelines and socially acceptable behavior, he just doesn’t care about them. He is blunt but never rude; he is opportunistic, but generous to a fault. CAA-repped Scott Ellis will direct and also executive produce. Ryland, whose UK series credits include The Syndicate, on which ABC’s Lucky 7 was based, is with SDB Partners and Optimism Entertainment.