Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1UPDATE, 11:34 AM : Looks like Seth Meyers has moved very nicely from the Weekend Update desk on SNL to NBC’s Late Night. In fast nationals, last night’s debut of Late Night With Seth Meyers drew a 1.4 ratings among adults 18-49 and 3.417 million viewers. That’s a nice jump from the 1.2 rating and audience of 2.86 million that Jimmy Fallon got for his Late Night premiere on March 2, 2009. Overall, last night’s results are the best Late Night has done on Monday since the 1.9 rating and 3.935 million who watched a January 24, 2005 encore that ran after a Tonight Show tribute to Johnny Carson, who died the day before.

As Meyers launched strong, fellow former SNLer Fallon had a good start to his second week hosting The Tonight Show. With a 2.1 rating and 6.257 million viewers, Fallon topped the 1.69 rating and 4.112 million viewers of beginning of the second week of Conan O’Brien’s Tonight reign on June 8, 2009. He also beat the 1.12 key demo rating and 4.554 million watching on March 8, 2010, the beginning of Jay Leno’s second week after his return to The Tonight Show desk.

PREVIOUS, 6:59 AM: They didn’t have the Olympics to give them a boost but Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers had a pretty good night Monday. The debut of Late Night With Seth Meyers drew a 2.6/9 in overnight metered markets for NBC, up 63% from Late Night’s season average. Meyers’ debut is 13% better than the 2.3/8 that Fallon pulled in when he debuted as the Late Night host on March 2, 2009. That launch, which did not have the Vice President of the United States as a guest as Meyers did with Joe Biden last night, went on to get a 1.2 among adults 18-49 and 2.86 million viewers. Of course, five years ago the key demo watching NBC, ABC and CBS was 40% higher in the tine period from what it is today — a point that will undoubtedly be made on many sides once the flourish of Meyers’ and Fallon’s debuts begin to normalize. Last night’s Late Night was the best the show has done on a Monday in metered-market ratings since the 4.2 of January 24, 2005, when it followed a much-watched tribute to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show just after his death.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon meanwhile kicked off its second week last night. After a debut week that delivered the famed franchise its most watched week in 20 years, Fallon drew a 4.5/12 in metered-markets last night for his 11:35 PM show. While not surprisingly down 36% from the 7.1/20 that Fallon had on his Olympics-aided midnight debut on February 17, the result is up from the 3.1/8 that the beginning of the second week of Conan O’Brien’s stint as The Tonight Show host got on June 8, 2009. Having dropped 56% from its metered-markets debut result from the first Monday to the second, O’Brien’s 11:35 PM show on June 8, 2009 received a 1.69 rating in adults 18-49 and had 4.112 million viewers. Last night’s result for Fallon marked the best The Tonight Show has done since in a non-Olympics Monday since Jay Leno’s return on March 1, 2010.

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Speaking of the now former Late Night host, the start of Fallon’s second week and his second show in the regular Tonight Show slot was also up from the 3.5/9 metered-market rating that Leno had on the first Monday of the second week of his return. That March 8 show got a 1.12 rating in the key demo and an audience of 4.554 million. Fallon’s late-night rivals David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel pulled in 2.2/6 and 2.1/6 metered-market results, respectively, last night. Up 11% from the week before, Monday was Kimmel’s 2000th show since debuting on ABC on January 26, 2003 and his 201st since moving to the 11:35 PM slot on January 8, 2013. We’ll update with more Late Night and Tonight Show numbers when we get them later today.