Jimmy_Kimmel_2__120821183214__121218202346-200x156 (1)UPDATE: 8:45 PM: Jimmy Kimmel revealed on his ABC late-night program tonight that the video of a wolf  posted to YouTube by U.S. luger Kate Hansen with the message “I’m pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi” was in fact a wolf in Los Angeles walking down a replica of the hall outside Hansen’s Sochi hotel room. Hansen agreed to let Kimmel’s people take over her Twitter account to post the video, he said. Like the last time Kimmel punked the media with his fake twerk-fail video, he ran clips of various news outlets he’d fooled — many of them ruminating as to whether the animal actually was a wolf, a husky, a malamute, or a mutt. Kimmel showed the rest of the video, in which he is seen skiing down the hallway, calling out the name “Garfield” and asking, “Have you seen my wolf?” Kimmel then interviewed Hansen via Skype, who said “there was a little more backlash” at the hotel than she’d anticipated, including security staff who, she said, were “freaking out” after word of the video got around. “It kind of went a little crazy here,” she said. The animal is a “timber wolf mix,” its handler said, believed to be 80%-90% wolf, though she was not certain, and is named Rugby.

PREVIOUS, 3:00 PM: Late-night hosts have been looking for a way to tap into Sochi Olympics interest. David Letterman went old-school, booking American medalists on his show. Conan O’Brien tonight will make a dream come true for Sage Kotsenburg, the first ever gold medalist in the men’s snowboard slopestyle, when he awards him an Olympic medal made of bacon (Sage recently tweeted he wished Sochi medals were made of bacon). And Jimmy Kimmel apparently got U.S. luger Kate Hansen to post one of his bogus YouTube videos. In a video recently posted to YouTube, a “frightened” Hansen (“Oh, my god!” a woman’s voice is heard whispering) posted what looks to be video of a large dog (wearing a collar some have claimed in the comments section) in the hallway outside what she says is her Sochi hotel room, with the message: “I’m pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi” and,  “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in my hall.”

Kimmel tweeted this afternoon he will have “WOLF!” on tonight’s show, along with Hansen, via Skype:

A couple hours earlier, Kimmel tweeted:

Back in September, Kimmel introduced the country to his YouTube pranking proclivity, as he stepped up his game in the walk-up to Jimmy Fallon‘s take-over of The Tonight Show. On his ABC late night show, Kimmel revealed he’d faked the “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches On Fire!” video that went viral, snagging 9 million views in under a week. Kimmel’s show had emailed an alert earlier in the day that he’d booked the woman in the video who, ABC said, had shot the twerking video for her boyfriend. In the video, the woman fell over onto a coffee table filled with burning pillar candles — the international sign for “sexy” — which catches her yoga pants on fire. Among those who got punked by Kimmel’s video: Fallon. Kimmel detailed how he’d enlisted a boatload of unwitting news and infotainment outlets to promote himself and his show. On his show last night, Kimmel showed the “end” of the video, in which he enters the room and puts out her flaming pants with a fire extinguisher. The twerking girl announced to Kimmel’s audience she’s actually a stunt woman named Daphne. Kimmel showed video of various TV outlets that had fallen for the prank; CNN got nicked,  also NBC, CBS, syndicated Inside Edition and several local Fox stations — some of them blaming Miley Cyrus, whose twerky performance had been all the talk after the VMA’s around that time. “Good thing nothing is happening in Syria,” Kimmel joked back then.