JayLeno__130320220248Jimmy Fallon is here tonight. He’s not here to talk — he’s helping me pack,” Jay Leno told his audience tonight on his final Monday as anchor of NBC’s Tonight Show.  “You know Jimmy starts as new host of Tonight Show on the 17th – and it would be strange if there was some accident and he was not able to … fulfill his duties as host,” Leno joked. Also guesting tonight: Betty White. “Betty White is 92 —  in TV terms, Betty has lived through through six Tonight Show hosts,” he observed.

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“You were lucky to get out of New York today — huge storm,” Leno began when Fallon came out and sat down. “Yeah. Had to be here. Your last week. This means a lot to me,” Fallon said, with no trace of irony. “Did you watch the game?” Leno asked, in re Sunday’s Super Bowl. “I missed a little … because I was flying,” Fallon admitted. “You’re on the cover of my bible – Men’s Health,” Leno said, producing a copy of the issue. “Something made me smile about this. … Is that a gold chain around your neck?” Leno teased, pointing to the cover photo of Fallon.  “And, it’s a little touched up.”

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A little while later, Fallon tried out his Thank You Notes franchise on the crowd. The audience liked it all right — not that it matters,  since the show is moving to New York. Thank You Notes involves Fallon writing notes of thanks, while accompanied by the house band playing some treacle tune.  “Hey, what are you guys up to in two weeks,” Fallon asked Leno’s band rose to the occasion. “Oh, they’ll be looking for work!” Leno assured Fallon. “They’re actually washing cars in my garage.”

“Nicest guy in the business,” Fallon told the studio audience, indicating Leno.

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White sat between Leno and Fallon, and flirted with Fallon a while.  White recently celebrated her 92nd birthday. She told Jay she got a tiger, and a box full of puppies, for her birthday.

“NBC once put a python in my dressing room,” Jay snarked. Fallon put his head in his hands.

“So, you’re still doing two shows,” Jay said to White. “That wouldn’t happen on NBC,” he assured the nonagenarian. White stars in TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland and also hosts the reality series Off Their Rockers, in which old people prank young ones. It aired on NBC until the network dumped it; Lifetime picked it up, and the third season will premiere on February 28.

Fallon fell back in his chair. Then he drank some water.

“NBC did not want [Off Their Rockers] anymore. I guess you can relate to that,” White said to Jay.

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