JimLangeJim Lange, the first host of the iconic 1960s and ’70s game show The Dating Game, died Tuesday of a heart attack in his Mill Valley, CA  home. He was 81. Lange hosted the game show for more than a decade after it debuted in 1965, and over those years played host to contestants including Michael Jackson, Steve Martin, Farrah Fawcett and Arnold Schwarzenegger competing for the right to win a date by answering questions that were intended to illicit PG-13 responses well before there was such a thing as PG-13. Lange, a St Paul, MN native, would go on to host other game shows like Hollywood Connection, $100,000 Name That Tune and The New Newlywed Game. He also had a long career in radio in LA and San Francisco, and was an DJ in the Bay Area before he retired in 2005.