Box office7TH UPDATE, WEDNESDAY 5:50 PM: Most numbers for The Wolf Of Wall Street are now in, putting the overseas cume at $225.5M in 48 markets, according to Red Granite. That number was hard-fought this evening and we’ve spent several hours verifying it. Initally this weekend, Deadline was told the overseas cume was $175M, then we heard $225M, with a pit-stop at $212M. When we inquired as to the potential discrepancy of $50M or therabouts we were ultimately told that differences in reporting times were the culprit. In any case, Wolf openings this week included Taiwan with $988K, Ukraine with $346K and Hong Kong with a three-day take of $550K. Individual territories are updated below with local cumes.

6th UPDATE, TUESDAY 5:00 PM: A flurry of new grosses and big territories added below including Germany, Australia, Japan and Korea. Top five film grosses are available now in each market. All numbers updated, but The Wolf of Wall Street total cumes worldwide.

5th UPDATE, MONDAY, 2:25 PM: Updated grosses on The Lego Movie show that the Warner Bro. film, which is in playing in 42 markets, is higher than previously thought, raising the weekend take to $28.4M for a international cume of $52.3M in only two weeks of release. That means that the animated film is poised to pass the $200M mark worldwide in just a couple of days as the domestic cume is expected to rise to $143.7M after the U.S. Presidents Day holiday weekend. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has a total international cume of $604.2M. Adding in the domestic take of $256.2M and worldwide the second Hobbit picture has grossed $860.4M. The first in the trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, grossed $714M in its international run, which amounted to 70% of its total worldwide cume of $1B. Smaug is on the same track, with 70% of its box office coming from international markets. It has yet to debut in two major territories: China and Japan. It will hit theaters in China on Feb. 21 and Japan on Feb. 28.

New grosses are added below and will be continually updated in the copy below as they come in throughout the afternoon and evening and into tomorrow.

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4TH UPDATE, SUNDAY 4:25 PM: Market by market breakdowns are complete with the exception of The Wolf of Wall Street numbers which we are still waiting on.

Lego Movie3RD UPDATE, SUNDAY 12:15 PM: Warner Bros’ numbers on The Lego Movie have come in and they are, as expected, great numbers. It opened in the UK to $13.4M at No. 1, which accounted for a substantial amount of its $27.7M weekend (see revised numbers above). Combined with the aforementioned Presidents Day holiday, the new worldwide cume is now $196M. It will bow in France on Feb. 19, followed by Italy the following day and Russia next as it continues its international run. It’s currently on 7,270 screens. Market-by-market numbers are below.

2ND UPDATE, SUNDAY 11:00 AM: Numbers and information on the below films continuing to roll in, and all updates have been incorporated below. Territory-by-territory breakdowns will come later this afternoon as information reveals itself.

RoboCopPREVIOUSLY, SUNDAY 9:34 AM: RoboCop (MGM/Sony) is blasting its way across international markets, having the bragging rights to the No. 1 spot in 15 out of 24 markets that it opened in this weekend. It grossed another $35M for a total cume at the moment of roughly $70M and is expected to gross about $200M at the end of its run. It has yet to open in some big markets including China, Brazil and Japan. Add that to the domestic box office and it is already nearing $100M worldwide this weekend. Top spots in the 76 territories this weekend are Russia, where it opened to No. 1, grossing an estimated $5.4M, which takes it 59% above Captain America: The First Avenger and 78% above Iron Man, Sony noted. RoboCop opened No. 1 in Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India and in many Latin American countries (see below). Its Asian holdovers in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwain are also strong. It fell only 25% in Australia on its second weekend out there, grossing $1.5M for a total market cume of $4.1M.

Meanwhile, Disney’s animated family film Frozen, still in the Top 10 domestically after 13 weeks of play, is nearing its billion-dollar worldwide mark as it just passed Shrek 2 this week to become the 3rd-highest-grossing animated release of all time (based on original runs and not including reissues) and highest-grossing original animated release of all-time. It took in an estimated $18.2M this weekend to raise its international cume to $579.9M. snow_queen_elsa_in_frozen-wideWhen you add that to its domestic take, it is at $955.7M worldwide and is continuing to play. Frozen is in its 12th weekend internationally in 40 markets, representing about 95% of its run. It’s best-performing territories to date have been Korea with $66.4M and the U.K. with $60.9M. It’s been No. 1 in Korea for five weeks in a row and is only behind Avatar and Transformers in the country as the biggest foreign release ever. In China, it is holding superbly, dropping a mere 3% and is already the second-biggest Disney/Pixar release there. Will it get to $1B? If it continues to pull in these kind of numbers combined — $24.1M this weekend from U.S. and international markets — it likely will end up there at the end of its run. The last market left to open is Japan, where it will bow March 15.

Endless Love opened in 25 international markets — including Australia (where it bowed at No. 4 and brought in $974K in 217 date nights) and another 23 markets where they celebrate Valentine’s Day — to gross an estimated $3.7M in total. In the U.K. and Ireland the estimated gross was $1.2M at 358 dates. It will open in 38 markets over the next few months with Russia and the Ukraine coming next on March 6.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall StreetThe Wolf of Wall Street in Universal’s 9 territories grossed another $6.4M in 1,572 venues to raise the 9-territory total to $96.4M. The film will cross $100M in those 9 markets this coming weekend. The total cume internationally is $225,460,756, according to Wednesday figures, although some territories have yet to update. Added to the domestic estimated gross in the states which had a 4-day holiday (President’s Day weekend), it’s now at about $285.9M but we are still waiting for the full numbers to come in (only Uni is reporting so far). It’s being led by the UK and Ireland which tallied up $32.5M and then Germany $26.5M. Spain accounts for $14.3M. The film ranks as director Martin Scorsese’s biggest worldwide moneymaker and the highest grossing film of his in Spain. It tallied another 525K from 237 locations in Japan with another weekend of bad weather there for a local cume of $6M.

george-clooney-monuments-men-set-with-matt-damonMonuments Men took off with $8.7M this weekend from 2,365 screens. The UK market was the hot spot for the film, having grossed $2.6M and taking the No. 2 spot behind The Lego Movie. The George Clooney production of Men will open in 30 more markets next weekend via Fox International. It’s in 19 markets currently.

Another Fox International film, the animated Mr. Peabody & Shermanwhich opened last weekend — bowed in three new markets and nabbed $4.6M which brings its estimated cume to $11.8M. It opened to No 3. in  France with $1.7M and had a very strong hold in the UK for another $2.3M to raise its total cume in that market to $9.5M. It opens in the U.S. on March 7.

China’s Spring Festival holiday brought movie goers flocking to the small and medium-sized theaters as people went home for the holidays. Movie going around the holidays is growing as a family activity and the second and third-tier theaters are enjoying the riches. (The countries first tier cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen). Disney’s Frozen did excellent business, experiencing a very slight (3%) drop. It is currently the No. 6 biggest animated release of all time in the country. It has grossed $28.4M to date so far. What will be interesting to see is how RoboCop does in this market as it is been doing quite well with solid holds in other Asian markets.

The Lego Movie from Warner Bros. ranked No. 1 tallying a $13.2M weekend which included $3.5M from previews. With 1.2M admissions from 1,166 screens, it took nearly 50% of the Top 5 marketshare. Monuments Men took second place here as it began its run around the globe. It’s estimates show nearly $2.6M. The ensemble film led by George Clooney and Matt Damon is in 19 markets. (It opened No. 2 in Holland behind Lego which took in $661K from 205 screens. It was also No. 3 behind Lego ($681K) and Frozen in Sweden.) It looked like No. 3 in the UK was going to be Mr. Peabody & Sherman which had a good hold to take in another $2.3M., but it ended up nipping at the heels of RoboCop which took in $2.5M for the third spot. Mr. Peabody & Sherman‘s total market cume of $9.7M here. Rounding out the top five was The Wolf of Wall Street, which grabbed another $1.8M for a total cume here now of $32.5M. Endless Love opened here to No. 7 and grossed $1.4M in 358 theaters. Ride Along, the Kevin Hart, Ice Cube-starring comedy, will bow here and in Ireland on Feb. 28th. It’s made $1172.M in the states.

The Lego Movie is No. 1 in this market with a total take of $1.5M from 408, a solid holdover in its second weekend, dropping only 30%. It has a market cume now of $3.7M. In the second spot is RoboCop which debuted in the No. 2 spot with a $1.1M in 363 dates. The Wolf of Wall Street is No. 3 after its fifth week in this market, adding another $922K for a total cume of $14.3M. In the fourth spot is American Hustle with another $769K for a total cume after three weeks of $5.2M. A local film, A Winter’s Take, took No. 5. Interesting is in sixth place, Universal re-released a local-language film, Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed this past weekend here and it is getting a second wind after winning 6 Goya Awards last weekend. (The Goyas are the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars). It made $465K in 164 venues, which is 29% bigger than its opening weekend in November 2013. Bouyed by the awards, the film is based on a true story about a teacher who motivates his students using Beatles music. The title of the film is taken, of course, from the song Strawberry Fields Forever. In other news, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is in its third weekend in this territory with a total cume of $1.9M after gaining another $300K from 260 cinemas here. The Robert Redford-starring All is Lost opened in limited release on 64 screens and grossed $164K for a strong $2,562 per screen average. The film is getting very good reviews.

An Italian-language comedy Under a Lucky Star (Sotto Una Buona Stella) opened to No. 1 here with a very strong $5.8M at 513 dates. The film is just dominating the country with a 36% marketshare.  The local comedy beat out Monuments Men here which opened in No. 2 with $2.1M. That’s a wide spread between the two. The Lego Movie and the war pic Lone Survivor opens next weekend here on Feb. 20.

Two local pictures are taking the air out of the market here in the No. 1 and 2 spots, but Mr. Peabody & Sherman debuted in third place to grab $1.9M in 915 theaters. Meanwhile, RoboCop is still continuing to pull in the bucks with another $1.3M to take the fourth position. Total take in this market is $4.38M. Rounding out the Top Five is 12 Years a Slave, which has made $10.4M to date in this market. Noteworthy is that in its second weekend out, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (yes, it’s still in its international run), grossed another $1.6M here bringing in its total overseas cume up to $147.9M. In its eighth week, The Wolf Of Wall Street now has a local cume of $25.5M, released by Metropolitan Filmexport. These are the same filmmakers that created The Lego Movie. All movies got a bump Monday from school holidays start, just in time for The Lego Movie which opens here on Feb. 19.

The local picture, The Joy of Fatherhood (Vaterfreuden), released by Warner Bros, is still No. 1 in its second week out, knocking off the debut of American Hustle in its first weekend in the territory. Fatherhood grossed $4.7M compared to Hustle’s $2.1M but it was in more than double the venues. The Wolf of Wall Street clawed in another $2M in its fifth week out overtaking RoboCop in its sophomore week with $1.2M. The German cume for WOWS is $26.5M. RoboCop‘s cume to date in the market is $3.6M. The animated family film, Freebirds rounded out the top five in its second week for $907K and total cume of $2.3M. Noteworthy: The Physician is still getting audiences eight weeks after its initial release. The local favorite has gathered another $900K from 587 dates to push its cume in the country to $46.7M. It remains the top-grossing film of the year so far here.

RoboCop grossed a total of $5.4M on 1,153 in Russia, which was an excellent bow in the country. Actioners (male dominated demos) continue to do well here, whether its I Frankenstein or the 3D fantasy adventure film VIY which placed second with an estimated gross of $2.5M in 950 venues. The film has being doing gangbuster business here and its 18-day total is now $32M. Universal is distributing the film in this territory, and its in its third weekend out. The Lego Movie will come into the market on Feb. 27th.

RoboCop took the No. 2 spot in Mexico this weekend behind a local comedy. It managed to gross an estimated $3M on 936 screens, and marks a 24% increase above G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. The sci-fi actioner is still No. 1 in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Central America. Monuments Men, which Fox is handling internationally and Sony domestically, debuted in Mexico this weekend in No. 4 with $1M while The Lego Movie had a pretty decent holdover, building yet another $2.4M from 1,633 screens in its second weekend out for a total cume in Mexico of $7M. In Brazil, Lego is still in the No. 1 spot with a $1.5M estimated gross from 604 screens. The animated pic, which bowed last weekend dropped only 21% to best the George Clooney, Matt Damon ensemble drama opened in No. 2 (behind Lego) to take in an estimated $1M on 246 screens. Lego’s total cume in Brazil is $3.9M. Also in its second weekend out, American Hustle held strong with only a 25% drop to gross 700K on 156 screens. while Jack Ryan pulled in another $430K from 256 venues for a 10-day local cume of $1.4M. American Hustle‘s total cume in Brazil is $2.2M. Meanwhile, Best Picture Oscar contender 12 Years a Slave has taken in $1M to date in the region with a total international cume of $69.7M. It opens in Brazil and Mexico this weekend with South Korea the week following.

Both Endless Love and That Awkward Moment debuted here in fourth and fifth place, respectively. Endless Love wooed in 974K and Zac Efron’s comedy grossed $866K. Leading the charge here is The Wolf of Wall Street in its fourth week still at No. 1 (around $1.8M for a total market gross of $16M) gobbling up RoboCop at No. 2., which took in $1.5M for a total cume here of $4.1M. Last Vegas in its second weekend out is No. 3 for $1.3M in 224 plays for a total here of $3.4M. To date, the comedy has grossed $24.8M in all international markets. And 12 Years a Slave is No. 5.

The top four films in the Land of the Rising Sun are all made in America this week. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit debuted under a third week of bad weather to bring in $1.1M. In the second position is The Wolf of Wall Street in its third week. The Scorsese film has taken in $6M to date here, this week playing at 237 locations. Disney’s Thor: The Dark World is third in its third week and has a total cume of $4.9M while Best Picture Oscar contender Gravity is in fourth and has a respectable overall cume of $30.1M.

Three local titles are in the top five here this past weekend – Miss Granny, Law of Pleasures and Apostle. However, it’s Disney’s Frozen that is still in control in its fifth week. The Korean market loves this animated picture about unconditional love. Frozen has skated in with yet another $5M from this territory for a total cume here of $67.5M and ran over the debut of RoboCop, which took in $3.6M over the weekend.