Smit_Peter_Aubrey_Color_01EXCLUSIVE: Two highly respected advertising/marketing shops that helped launched some of the most successful and memorable campaigns — Blue Jasmine, Dallas Buyers Club, Lee Daniels‘ The Butler, Silver Linings Playbook, Ted, Wolverine, Avatar, Despicable Me, The King’s Speech, Forrest Gump, Slumdog Millionaire, and Black Swan, to only name a few — are merging. In Sync Advertising and Bemis Balkind have joined together under a new moniker that merges their names with In Sync’s Smitty as CEO and Peter Bemins and Aubry Balkind serving as co-presidents. It will be known as In Sync Bemis Balkind.

The troika will continue with audio/visual, print, digital and branding campaigns for film, broadcast, home entertainment and other mediums with offices both in New York and Los Angeles. In other words, a one-stop shop. The move combines In Sync’s A/V motion picture advertising expertise with Bemis Balkind’s print, digital and web ad talent.

“This merger combines our individual strengths,” said Smitty. “We all have the same passion and we know that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. I think you have to be able to do a 360 degree integrated marketing system because a lot of clients are looking for that. We’ve done that now.”

All are respected figures in the advertising and film marketing communities. Bemis Balkind was part of Frankfurt Gips Balkind, a Madison Ave. agency of the 1980s. Bemis and Balkind have won numerous advertising and marketing awards for their work; their campaigns have run the gamut as they even worked to help launch the CNN, HBO and ESPN brands. They also worked on films like 21 Jump Street, Shrek, Alien, Fatal Attraction. Bemis has already received a Key Art Lifetime achievement award for his impressive body of work.

“Fundamentally, in the world today, there is nothing just about print or av anymore, and we’re aware of it,” said Bemis. “What should be happening all the way through from a/v all the way through to the web for continuity’s sake is a concept that comes from one mind. Otherwise, there are disconnects all over the place. We’re connecting (a campaign) all the way through in a conceptual way from start to finish.”

Smitty, yes he has gone by one name and that’s all he needs. The guy has operated for 30 years in the business on film marketing campaigns and is also a pro. I first met Smitty when he was working at 20th Century Fox. Prior to that he worked at agency Cimmaron Bacon O’Brien where he had worked on the campaigns for Home Alone and Terminator 2. His resume includes White Men Can’t Jump, Castaway, Walk The Line, to the aforementioned titles above (Silver Linings Playbook, Ted, etc.).

The combined group is currently working on such titles as X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Woody Allen’s Magic In The Moonlight, Paul Haggis’ Third Person, and the latest Planet Of The Apes film.