HLN said this morning it will reformat and rebrand itself this year to become “the first TV network for the social media generation.” HLN LogoThe network vowed to “redefine TV news and information, driven by what’s trending, being shared and going viral across all screens.” Taking its assignments from “today’s connected and wildly social generation,” HLN said it will curate the news from across all platforms. In HLN EVP and GM Albie Hecht‘s announcement, the network bragged that, from here on out, its headlines will be “ripped from the most ‘plugged-in’ sites and blogs”, and that it will make it its mission to share the “trending news, viral events and stories that have viewers most obsessed, plus discover emerging social stars.”

rightminute1The first acquisition in the newly reformatted HLN is a customized version of the syndicated television show RightThisMinute premiering tonight and airing weeknights 10-11 PM ET. HLN claimed the program would be “the first daily broadcast series devoted to finding the most captivating web videos and the stories behind them as they break, often before going viral.” RightThisMinute is produced by MagicDust Television and syndicated by MGM Domestic Television Distribution.

Today’s announcement:

“While others report on the conversation, HLN will be a part of it,” said @AlbieHechtHLN.  “Just as MTV was adopted by a disconnected target audience that was underserved by television, HLN will be the first TV home to embrace the social media generation and champion its interests.”

HLN will add the TV component and a sense of humor to what consumers are searching, playing, sharing, shopping, creating and watching all day long, non-stop and in real time.

Additional programming genres fitting the social media filter, such as animation, reality, gaming and clip shows will continue to premiere throughout the year, as well as a fresh look and new hosts.

HLN’s new social media format will also become part of the DNA of Morning Express with Robin Meade (6 a.m.-12 noon, ET), News Now (12 noon -5 p.m., ET); Jane Velez-Mitchell (7-8 p.m. ET); Nancy Grace (8-9 p.m., ET) and Dr. Drew On Call (9-10 p.m., ET).