coreCORE Media Group, the parent company of American Idol producer 19 Entertainment, has partnered with women’s lifestyle online network PopSugar to develop, produce and distribute scripted and non-scripted projects. Targeting PopSugar’s core demographic of women between the ages of 18-40, the projects will be intended for distribution on broadcast, cable and online, including The joint TV projects will be managed by Core Media, while the online projects will be shepherded by PopSugar. “With strong, combined ties to both the 250px-Popsugarlogotraditional and online entertainment communities, this collaboration makes sense on every level,” said said Jen O’Connell, Head of U.S. Television for CORE Media Group. O’Connell and her team will develop content specifically for PopSugar, including shows that can launch on PopSugar properties before migrating to television. CORE Media Group’s Halfire-CORE scripted division recently set up a remake of Highway to Heaven at A&E, while PopSugar teamed with TV Guide Network for a half-hour daily entertainment news show titled PopSugar Now.