conentlogoContent Media Corporation’s Content Television and Digital division has entered into a two-year agreement with Great Point Media, the London-based TV/film company founded in 2012 by Robert Halmi Jr. and Jim Reeve. Under the deal, Content Television, headed by President Greg Phillips, will have international distribution rights to Great Point Media’s TV output and will have the option to collaborate on packaging, creative development and sales of television content on the international market. The two companies are expected to have a slate of projects ready by MIPCOM in the fall. According to Reeve, the emphasis will be on drama series, though miniseries — where Halmi Jr. and his father, Robert Halmi Sr., have a long tradition — likely also will be represented. For Phillips, “the appeal was that you’ve got a top-quality supplier [in Great Point Media].” Content Media also has a first-look deal with Edyson Entertainment in Los Angeles and Toronto and represents Jigsaw Productions, Collins Avenue and Aito Media internationally.