Academylogo_cThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences put out its 2013 Annual Report tonight, just as folks were gearing up for the Oscar parties. The bottom line: There’s a healthy bottom line. The 40-page document (read it here) lists the Academy’s financials for fiscal 2013, ended June 30. Revenue swelled to $134.4M, a 30% jump over the previous year’s $103.3M. The Oscars remained the largest revenue generator for the Academy last year, pulling in $93,7M in the period, up 4.7%, while Oscar-related expenses were up 5.9% to $39.7M — leaving the Academy with $54.M, up 3.7%. Revenue also was goosed by a nearly $27M boost in contributions. The Academy’s net assets also grew in 2013, up 28.6% to $385.M, but its 2013 expenses were up by nearly 10% ($97.3M vs $88.5M). The Academy took an $8.1M impairment loss on the $45M sale of the Homewood land and building. The report kicks off with some updates from Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs about the Academy Museum, the group’s higher international profile and the “unusually diverse and exciting field” of Oscar nominees.