Aereo-logo__130126232434-200x206__131008001115__131212200214More billable hours for broadcasters’ and Aereo’s lawyers. The U.S. District Court will hear broadcasters’ motion for a preliminary injunction against the streaming service on Tuesday — even as the U.S. Supreme Court plans to look at the copyright infringement allegations against Aereo. If the Utah court sides with broadcasters then its decision would apply to six states that make up the 10th Circuit. Fox, one of the plaintiffs, says that it is “pleased” by the decision, and “hopeful” that the court will bar Aereo from serving the region before the high court considers the arguments. The plaintiffs have “always maintained that Aereo is operating illegally and has no right to retransmit our copyrighted material.” Aereo declined to comment, but has countered that it merely leases to consumers the antennas and technologies they already can use at home to watch over-the-air TV for free. Broadcasters filed the suit in Utah in October.