farrow msnbc copyUPDATE, 1:47 PM: Last night Ronan Farrow chastised the Golden Globes on NBC for their tribute to Woody Allen and what he says they left out. Today, the soon-to-be MSNBC host was on the cable news network but didn’t say a word about Woody. Today the son of Allen’s former longtime companion Mia Farrow was on with anchor Craig Melvin talking about former Defense Secretary Robert Gate’s controversial new memoir — with not a murmur of the controversy he started with his own tweets on Sunday. Farrow did tweet afterwards today that “Robert Gates’ neck brace is stylin’.” NBC and MSNBC had no comment on Farrow’s tweet about the Golden Globes and Allen or his future at the cable newser.

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PREVIOUS, JAN 12, 8:47 PM: First Mia Farrow tweeted she was turning off the Golden Globes on NBC when they went to the Woody Allen tribute. Now her son and upcoming MSNBC host Ronan Farrow lashed out against his mother’s former longtime companion, also on Twitter.

This comes after MSNBC is still trying to get over the successive embarrassment of departures of Alec Baldwin msnbc_logo_20110630160351__121213191013and Martin Bashir for incendiary remarks and Melissa Harris-Perry‘s ill-considered comments targeting Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. MSNBC has not given Farrow’s program a name or a time slot, but network chief Phil Griffin has called it  “a game changer” for the network, “representing a fresh approach to how we deliver news.” Farrow, 25, was brought on to contribute to the network’s website and other platforms inside the NBC News portfolio.  Before being named to his MSNBC gig, Farrow was a foreign policy official with the Obama administration.

Contacted by Deadline, NBC reps had no comment on Farrow’s remarks.

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