travelTravel Channel has ordered thirteen episodes of the half-hour series Ace The Game, featuring casino consultant Sal Piacente; three episodes of the one-hour, limited series Hotel Amazon (wt), about friends Rusty Johnson and Stephan Jablonski’s efforts to build a resort in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon; and eight episodes of the one-hour series Spy World, which recreates formerly classified spy stories. Here are more details about the projects:

“Ace the Game” is a half-hour, thirteen episode series featuring casino consultant and host Sal Piacente as he treks across the country bringing his unique experience and perspective to help potential travelers and players hone their winning strategies. From carnival, state-fair and boardwalk games to bar bets and street hustles, each episode of this new series features Piacente giving viewers the inside track and the best strategies on how to beat the odds through the use of state-of-the-art graphics. Whatever the game, whatever the stakes – this series is here to help viewers win. “Ace the Game” is produced by MY Tupelo Entertainment.

“Hotel Amazon” (wt) is a one-hour, limited series (three episodes) which follows longtime friends and visionaries Rusty Johnson and Stephan Jablonski as they pursue their dream of building a world-class resort in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon. Throughout the limited series, this odd couple quickly learn the Amazon is a fierce terrain, and building an exotic, luxury resort on top of it is a grueling endeavor. In order to reach their goals, Johnson and Jablowski must overcome dire conditions, including harsh jungle weather, dangerous native creatures and a severe lack of essential supplies. With dwindling finances and demanding villagers, they are determined to do whatever it takes to transform their big dreams into reality – no matter what the cost. “Hotel Amazon” (wt) is produced by Crazy Legs Productions.

“Spy World” is an eight episode one-hour series which reconstructs the famous and the forgotten spy stories from World War II and Cold War Moscow to the back streets of Beirut, Lebanon and the glitzy clubs of New York City. Pulled from the formerly classified case files of the CIA, FBI and international spy agencies, each episode takes viewers on an international journey. The series presents cinematic and gritty recreations of heroic spies stealing secrets while dodging the world’s most ruthless counterintelligence organizations. In this series, suicide pills, secret codes, dead drops, James Bond worthy gadgetry and even dog pheromones are the tools of the trade. Secrets are never safe – in a world full of spies. “Spy World” is produced by Karga Seven Pictures.