TCADeadline__140109155905__140109183154When Shaun Ryan was doing the series Last Resort for ABC, he told TV critics he did not collaborate with the U.S. Navy on the series in order to be able to tell the stories he wanted to do. This afternoon, at a TCA Q&A session for TNT’s new drama The Last Ship, TV critics asked TNT chief Michael Wright how closely THE LAST SHIPthe Navy was involved and whether the Navy was an advertiser on the program. “The U.S. Navy does not normally let Hollywood use its toys,” one TV critic said. The Last Ship, based on the popular novel by William Brinkley, centers on the crew of a naval destroyer who, after a global catastrophe decimates the earth’s population, are forced to confront the reality of their new existence in a world where they are among the only survivors. Wright said he had no knowledge of the Navy advertising on the show. The Navy “has been a great partner” on the production “in that they’ve provided us resources that would not have been available” otherwise, he said. The Navy has been “incredibly respectful of the needing to tell stories,” understands ” the difference between good storytelling and a poster” and has been “incredibly supportive,” he said. Added star Eric Dane: “The Navy sets conditions for success and then executes with style and precision. That’s what we like about them.” Last July, TNT gave a pilot order to The Last Ship, executive produced by Michael Bay. The project, originally was announced as part of TNT’s development slate in May.