TCADeadline__140109155905TV critics attending Winter TV Press Tour 2014 got a sneak peek at LindsayOWN’s upcoming Lindsay Lohan  docu-series set to premiere March 9. “There’s nothing left in 2014 Winter TCA Tour - Day 1having a drink for me. There’s no party I haven’t gone to, nobody I haven’t hung out with, no situation I haven’t been exposed to,” Lohan tells the camera as she swans here and there. “I don’t want them following me to an AA meeting,” she says of the paparazzi. Asked if she feels like a prisoner, she responds, “Yes – all the time.”

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Cut to Mom and Dad Lohan showing up for their close-ups. Mom is thrilled to have a camera trained on her as she gushes how happy she is that Lindsay is back in New York. Dad is the catalyst for one of those classic Lindsay “thing in my head says, ‘Oh, it’s time to sabotage” moment.

See Lindsay get locked out of her apartment.

See Lindsay’s sober coach says “um.. you know” when asked if Lindsay has remained sober.

OWN_logo-2__130529151034-200x109__130919234649See Oprah heading to the rescue, being advised as she’s being driven sto the scene that Lindsay is not following the rules.  “This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen and I believed differently. She doesn’t understand. This is her life – you think you have forever,” Oprah says.

See Oprah tell Lindsay “My truth is I really do want you to win…but if that isn’t what you want I’m okay with that. I will tell these guys to pack up and leave today.”

See Lindsay put on her contrite face and say,  “I know this is my last shot at doing what I have to do.”

Last July, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN  network scored a big one when it signed train-wreck Lohan to an eight-episode docu-series following  her as she tried to stay sober and re-launch her career. It taped in August. Over the summer, 27-year-old Lohan served a 90-day court-ordered stay in rehab.