TCADeadline__140109155905Playing a police detective who tracks down serial killers on A&E Network‘s dark new drama series Those Who Kill could be draining, star Chloe Sevigny said — but not nearly as draining as guesting on The Mindy Project. “I did Mindy and went home and cried,” she told TV critics at the TCA Winter TV Press Tour today, because she thought she’d done terribly on it. At the end of each work day on Those Who Kill, however,  she went home and thought she’d done alright. Doing HBO’s polygamist drama Big Love was also trying, she said, because “everybody was yelling at her all day because everybody thought I was the bad guy.”

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ThoseWhoKillThose Who Kill is based on a popular Danish crime series format inspired by the bestselling work of author Elsebeth Egholm. The series centers on Catherine Jensen (Sevigny), a freshly minted and incredibly smart police detective who tracks down serial killers. Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaffer (James D’Arcy), a forensic psychiatrist, to help her get into the minds of serial killers, all the while luring Schaffer into her own personal investigation of her missing brother.

One critic wondered why, with the national murder rate going down, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a new serial killer TV series. Those Who Kill exec producer Brian Grazer insisted his is not a serial killer drama — it’s a “cautionary tale and way to create an empowerment vehicle.” There is, he explained “a serial killer aspect to it.” “I always like to see women in very powerful roles,” Grazer added, calling it “a great privilege.” Exec producer Glen Morgan, also insisted this is not a serial killer drama — but he said the series is about “the ramifications of violence — what the victims haves to suffer.” That said, Morgan noted the serial killer is “our 21st century monster. It’s the  same as Wolfman, but everyone knows now there is no Wolfman. It makes good drama.”