Scarlett JohanssonIt’s that most wonderful time of year again — Banned Super Bowl Ad time! SodaStream is a relatively new, second-year entry — this time with an ad featuring Scarlett Johansson. Typically banned Super Bowl ads are pretty low-rent stuff and they’re ixnayed owing to shoddy production, controversial or skeevy content — sometimes companies make and submits ads knowing it hasn’t a prayer of getting into the game, for the sake of the publicity — I know, shocking, right?

With Johansson, the company’s sure the bannedSuper Bowl ad will go viral in an even bigger way than did last year’s banned SodaStream ad in advance of the game — that one had only depicted truck drivers wearing uniforms featuring Coke and Pepsi logos. This year’s SodaStream ad is far more sophisticated — and easier to tweak, so as to maybe end up in the game after all, for double the exposure. This year’s ad was “banned” because it ends with Johansson purring “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi” after extolling the virtues of her employer’s sodas over the competition (and major Super Bowl advertisers).

Watch banned Johansson ad here: