If you guessed Sam Champion‘s new The Weather Channel show was going to be called AMHQ — you win! Champion himself did the unveiling, this morning, via Twitter.

TWC put out a news release, however,  explaining AMHQ is short for America’s Morning Headquarters – but that the official title is AMHQ. 

samchampion__131202162110-275x206Champion left ABC’s GMA — that’s short for Good Morning America — late last year, marking the first successful raid on the country’s most popular on-air infotainment show team. Champion’s new show, scheduled to debut mid-March, is going to compete with GMA for eyeballs from 7-10 AM ET. Champion left to become managing editor, a producer, and anchor of the new new flagship morning show at The Weather Channel. Not coincidentally, Weather Channel is co-owned by NBC, whose Today show is now regularly getting whomped by GMA, after monopolizing the daypart for years.

Appearing earlier this month at Winter TV Press Tour 2014, Champion chided DirecTV for dropping TWC — short for The Weather Channel — in a dispute over payments, suggesting DirecTV was putting its customers’ safety at risk.  “The Coast Guard, the Navy — everybody — police officers, fire officers watch this channel during emergencies to get information. That’s a responsibility that no one takes lightly. What we’re trying to say is we want people to have access to it.” But, he also said the goal of his new show — the one we now know is called AMHQ — is to keep viewers from surfing away from TWC to get their fix of morning infotainment, noting his varied roles at GMA.