Richard Shpeherd 2The man who produced the 1961 classic Breakfast At Tiffany‘s also founded the Artists Agency and did stints as head of producing Warner Bros and MGM. Richard Shepherd died last night at his Los Angeles home after a long illness, his son, TV writer-producer Scott Shepherd, told Deadline. He was 86. The elder Shepherd’s production credits also include The Hanging Tree (1959), The Fugitive Kind (1960) and later Robin & Marian, a  1976 Robin Hood tale that reteamed Shepherd with Audrey Hepburn, who had scored an Oscar nom for Tiffany’s. Shepherd joined Lew Wasserman’s MCA in the early 1940s before serving in the Army during World War II. The Kansas City native then returned to the agency game in New York, repping clients including Marilyn Monroe and Richard Harris, before segueing to producing. He later became one of the first partners at CMA, the forerunner of ICM, before being tapped as head of production at Warner Bros in 1970. Six years later, he moved to the same post at MGM. After Shepherd left that gig, he produced Tony Scott’s first feature, The Hunger (1983) and the Tom Hanks comedy Volunteers (1985). He went on to found The Artists Agency, spending two decades as partner. Here’s a brief documentary featuring Shepherd and director Blake Edwards discussing the making of Breakfast At Tiffany’s: