Second only to Academy Awards week , the days leading up to tonight’s Golden Globes are chock-full of enoughGolden Globes 2014 presenters industry happenings and parties to drive a contender crazy. And though I spoke to many Globe voters over the weekend at these events I couldn’t get much of a consensus about what actually might win tonight, which is somewhat out of the norm for a show that’s usually a little more predictable.

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What is predictable is this is one weekend that really brings the stars out. It started Friday with the AFI Awards Lunch and accelerated from there. Saturday alone there were plenty of destinations with the Film Independent Brunch at BOA, the BAFTA tea at the Four Seasons, Paramount’s packed pre-Globes party at Chateau Marmont, The LA Film Critics banquet, an Australian party, a CBS party and on and on. Globe nominees and awards contenders were hustling from one to another. At the crowded, star-studded BAFTA party I saw Cate Blanchett‘s publicist trying diligently to get the popular (and mobbed) Blue Jasmine nominee out of the room and back on the road. “We’ve got three more things to go to after this, ” she said. Even more impressive, the stars and filmmakers have been working in several BAFTA LA 2014 Awards Season Tea Party - InsideQ&As between all the pre-parties for awards consultants taking advantage of having talent in town for the weekend. Even though the Oscar nomination and Golden Globe polls closed Wednesday, it hasn’t stopped campaigners or slowed down the volume of Q&As aimed at getting those votes. You’d think talent might get a few days off from this particular circuit, but with SAG voting in full swing, and other guild contests going into Phase 2 it’s apparently still prime time. Most important, the Academy’s more stringent restrictions on Q&As for Phase 2 don’t go into effect until Thursday after nominations are announced so studios don’t have to use up one of their precious four Q&A slots allowed from January 16 through end of balloting in late February and can still get some free bang for their buck. As one consultant told me: “We’re still not limited by the number of Q&As we can do. I think it’s a new trend to take advantage of everything going on around the Globes.”

Friday night the cast of Dallas Buyers Club did one for SAG (which doles out their awards next weekend but are still voting) and raced over to Pacific Design Center for another where they were joined by key creatives on the film for yet another Q&A (I moderated). Globe nominee Judi Dench is in India shooting the sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but that didn’t stop the Weinstein Company from staging a few Q&As with co-star and writer Steve Coogan, director Stephen Frears and the real Philomena Lee  for Philomena on Friday. And Blanchett did one too. Between the Film Independent Brunch, the ParamountBAFTA LA 2014 Awards Season Tea Party party and the LAFCA Awards (where he accepted his Best Actor nod) the indefatigable 77-year-old Bruce Dern worked in yet another Q&A at a Landmark Theatre matinee of Nebraska with co-star June Squibb. They’ve been doing these since summer. Meanwhile, writer Bob Nelson did a Q&A for the WGA’s official nomination screening of Nebraska. And David O. Russell and the American Hustle cast of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams showed up for a big SAG screening at Westwood’s huge Village Theatre and then were whisked literally across the street to the Bruin Theatre in studio-provided cars (yes, this is L.A and they drove) for yet another one.  I was happy to moderate the Village session. Here’s a look at it: