NBC Nightly News widened its total viewer advantage over ABC World News by 50% last week, compared to the same week last year. Brian nbc-news-logo__120406030256Williams’ newscast finished last week 936,000 viewers ahead of ABC. But in the news demo, NBC’s lead over ABC shrank 38%, from 249,000 viewers same week a year ago, to 154,000 last week.

CBS also was up in overall audience – 4%, to 7.485 million viewers – but down in the demo, by 13%. ABC fell in overall audience by 1% and was down the least of the three, percentage-wise, in the news demo – 3%.

For the week, NBC’s newscast logged 9.404 million viewers, ABC’s 8.468 million and CBS’s 7.485 million. Collectively that’s about 25.4 million people getting their evening news from broadcast TV.