Chicago PD Law & Order SVU The debut season of NBC‘s Chicago PD isn’t just going to see characters crossover with parent series Chicago Fire. It will also feature a Chicago-NY crossover with the network’s crime drama juggernaut Law & Order franchise – and that’s just the beginning, exec producer Dick Wolf teased today at TCA. The new police-focused series debuted earlier this month to OK ratings, focusing on Chicago Fire character Detective Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and a new cast of cops fighting crime in the Windy City. Overlap with Fire began with episode 1. “[David] Eigenberg was there with Pouch the dog,” Wolf noted, adding that storylines between the two Chicago dramas will arc “over a couple of episodes” with some regularity. PD star Sophia Bush revealed that she’s heading to New York this week to film a scene with Law & Order: SVU‘s Mariska Hargitay. Last fall it was reported that a PD/SVU crossover would air in February after the Sochi Olympics in which the New York unit comes to Chicago in pursuit of an interstate perp. “There is going to be a major crossover at the end of the season, a story that is so big it involves everybody,” Wolf teased.

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The planned multi-series crossovers could pave the way for more integration within the Chicago Fire/Chicago PD/SVU TV universe. “You can no longer expect to make a show where 60 percent of the audience says, ‘I’m gonna watch this,'” explained Wolf. “This show is geared toward a broad audience and hopefully it would also attract the people who are attracted to cable shows that have not normally been seen on broadcast.” He added: “We’re looking at all aspects of how these shows can cross-pollinate each other.”

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One thing Wolf and Co. won’t be focusing on this season on Chicago PD is depicting the city’s offscreen war on crime and gangs. “The situation has gotten more in hand, but not going to talk specifics about Chicago police which has a difficult time as it is. I think they’re doing as good a job as expected under the specific social pressures of Chicago,” said Wolf who earlier applauded Chicago’s Mayor for “turning over the keys to the city” to aid the on-location production, which also benefits from Illinois tax incentives. “It’s a cop show. We’re not up here promoting social agendas, this is a hard edged cop show.”