When Alex Wagner moves to 4 PM ET on MSNBC, replacing potty-mouthed msnbc_logo_20110630160351__121213191013Martin Bashir, a rotating lineup of on-air talent will replace Wagner at noon. They include Joy Reid, who has been filling in at 4 since Bashir’s exit last month, as well as Ari Melber, who’d previously replaced Steve Kornacki as host of MSNBC’s The Cycle in April.

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MSNBC is expected to eventually pick one of its host rotators to get the gig on a permanent basis, reports TV Newser.  At least, as permanent as hosts are on MSNBC these days. Most recently, Bashir resigned after the drumbeat failed to die down when he apologized for having suggested, on air, that someone might defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth, after she likened the country’s debt to China to slavery — because an infamous slave owner used to punish his slaves in that manner. Bashir nearly ran into MSNBC’s short-lived host Alec Baldwin heading out the door — Baldwin having been suspended, and then exited by mutual agreement, at about the same time in the wake of a homophobic slur lobbed at a photographer during a street altercation.

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Anyway, MSNBC has not yet said who’s getting its 11 AM slot, which is being vacated by Thomas Roberts, who’s hosted  MSNBC Live  in that time period since 2010. This week, MSNBC president Phil Griffin announced  Roberts is taking over the pre-dawn Way Too Early program starting January 13.

Meanwhile, MSNBC also has not yet elaborated as to what it is going to do with Brian Shactman, who had the Way Too Early gig for a way-too-short eight months. Shactman got the job when NBC named Way Too Early anchor Willie Geist the new anchor of the 9 AM hour of Today. Nor has MSNBC announced where it is going to put new hire Ronan Farrow.

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