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GoldenGlobes_logo__131127005408-275x166__140108194926 (1)How many Deadline Hollywood staffers does it take to live blog the Golden Globes? Well, it used to be one, but this year it will be two. It won’t be the same razor sharp trademark snark, but hopefully we will have fun just the same with Mike Fleming Jr and Anita Busch providing some color commentary.

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The 71st Golden Globes take place this year on NBC, yet again, under a legal cloud as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and producer Dick Clark Productions are forced to work together while behind the scenes they are fist to cuffs as the lawsuit over who owns the lucrative TV rights for one of broadcast’s biggest nights is still in appeal and the digital and pre-show rights are still unresolved. Last year, the telecast drew 19.7 million viewers, up 17% from a year earlier, thanks, in part to co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who return again this year for the gala inside the Beverly Hilton. They are contracted for 2015’s show as well. This year there are a number of firsts — a new HFPA president, photojournalist Theo Kingma presides; in the motion categories there are 16 contenders who have never been nominated before, including two actors from 12 Years A Slave which (along with American Hustle) led the nominations this year with seven each. One of those never given a nom is, surprisingly, Matthew McConaughey, who is a first-timer for Dallas Buyers Club. This year also sees Meryl Streep — one of the most if not the most Golden Globe nominated actresses, with 28 noms and 8 wins — up against actresses who have never won for a motion picture and Bruce Dern, not nominated for an acting Globe since 1979 (Coming Home). Woody Allen will be given the Cecil B. DeMille Award but will not be on hand. The 79-year-old Allen has only attended one awards show in his career, in 2002 at the Oscars, after 9/11.

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Golden Globes candid shotFLEMING: The Golden Globes have largely been relevant primarily because of its proximity to Oscar season. You know the jokes, that this is the day you can’t find a waiter because they are all here to see if their votes lead to winners. The Globes have really become an important pseudo event in the past several years after Ricky Gervais hosted and ripped the proceedings to shreds. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were more politically correct. This year all the hard work has been done for them because there is a level of negativity in the air that gives them plenty to talk about. There has been plenty of debate about The Wolf Of Wall Street, mostly regarding the character or lack of it of Jordan Belfort; there was 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen, getting heckled so badly by one douchebag critic at the New York Film Critics Circle that the group had to apologize; Lena Dunham bristling about a rude reporter questioning why she doesn’t wear clothes much on HBO’s Girls. A New York Post critic hammered Philomena as a Catholic bashing exercise that the real subject of the film was moved to respond. Even Meryl Streep–who sometimes doesn’t even show up for these things–slagging Walt Disney as a woman hater and anti-Semite as she extolled the virtues of the film’s star and her Oscar competitor Emma Thompson. What a perfect backdrop to have a bit of fun during this pseudo-awards show, one that got off to a flying start with a sewage leak on the red carpet.

BUSCH: The Golden Globes, traditionally is the one awards show were nominees can drink heavily and then get up on stage and are bound to say anything. It’s one of the more fun awards show for talent to attend. Studio marketing executives salivate for the awards and then dread tomorrow morning when they are up at the crack of dawn cutting new TV spots and devising new marketing strategies to capitalize on the wins their pics receive. The Golden Globules (as many of us have called them) are voted upon by a small group of ‘journalists” who sometimes moonlight as real estate agents or taxi drivers. (Not kidding about the real estate agents and wouldn’t be surprised about taxi drivers). As far as goes and the character or lack thereof of Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street), I think his prison sentence speaks for itself, don’t you, Mike?

Tina Fey Amy Poehler GlobesBUSCH: What’s with the 80’s intro music and the Match Game show back drop? Bobby and Bobby and Bobby and Danny … uh, Uma Oprah … Yeah, “explosion at the wig factory” is right for American Hustle. Good bit between Julia Louise-Dreyfus and Reese Witherspoon. “The tiniest man with the biggest glasses” … “George Clooney would rather float away and die than spending time with a woman his own age” … good bits.

FLEMING: Tina and Amy have already exceeded the good joke quota that it took Seth MacFarlane five hours to achieve in last year’s Oscars. Wait, why are they not hosting the Oscars?

BUSCH: Agreed. They even were able to find a joke with 12 Years a Slave. “I will never think of slavery the same way again.”

FLEMING: Was Sandra Bullock’s dress made by UnderArmour?

Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture: Jennifer Lawrence of Sony’s American Hustle

BUSCH: Jennifer Lawrence just did her best Taylor Swift surprise face. Not a surprise.

Best Supporting Actress – Miniseries/TV movie: Jacqueline Bisset, Starz’s Dancing on the Edge

FLEMING: They gave Jacqueline Bisset the Bob Uecker seats and she is so tired from walking that she is crying.

BUSCH: Catch your breath, Jacqueline. This award means nothing. Really. Thank God, the walk off music.

FLEMING: Bisset is channeling her inner Melissa Leo. Yikes.

DEADLINE TEAM: The censors missed Bisset’s sh*t comment. They bleeped it too early.

FLEMING: Overheard in the booth: Fuck, we missed that shit comment! How much is that going to cost?

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FLEMING: Prediction: Mark Ruffalo will be back next year for Can A Song Save Your Life? Just saying…

Best Miniseries or TV movie: HBO’s Behind The Candelabra

FLEMING: Worth noting that this was originally meant to be a feature film. Steven Soderbergh smartly moved it to the small screen and HBO. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon killed it, and it is another big quality score for TV over film, and Soderbergh is now making a series for Cinemax. Any wonder movies are not that good?

Best Actress – Miniseries/TV movie: Elisabeth Moss, Sundance Channel’s Top Of The Lake

FLEMING: Somebody get those TV nominees Google Maps! Just saw The Edge, or was that Mike “Wool Hat” Nesmith?

BUSCH: It’s become a sh*t show. At least they caught that one. Someone give that woman a blood transfusion. She looks more like a character from Twilight than an ex-member of The West Wing.

FLEMING: We just got a text of Jackie Bisset’s acceptance speech, and the Enigma code was easier to comprehend.

DEADLINE TEAM: The Hollywood Foreign Press Club names … Are those really names of the members? Only Theo knows.

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BUSCH: Margot Robbie and Jonah Hill looked for a moment like they were going to have a Michael Bay moment. Oh no, The Wolf of Wall Street, the most ridiculously over the top movie of the year. Someone should have said no to Scorsese or at least get him into therapy.

FLEMING: Is  Paula Patton channeling Robert Blake and Baretta with a cockatoo on her shoulder, or is that the dress?

BUSCH: Paula Patton takes flight.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomBest Actor – TV Series Drama: Bryan Cranston, AMC’s Breaking Bad

Best TV Series – Drama: AMC’s Breaking Bad

BUSCH: Cranston barely got off stage before Breaking Bad won another one. Looks like the curse is truly broken. They didn’t even try to censor him on ‘bitch.’ No sh*t.

Awww, the real Philomena Lee. Love this woman.

Best Original Score – Motion Picture: Alex Ebert, Roadside Attractions’ All Is Lost

BUSCH: OMG, he looks like Joaquin Phoenix in his lost in the desert days. Seriously, this was his first score and he won. Head of the hot L.A. Band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Good for him.

Best Original Song – Motion Picture: U2, “Ordinary Love” (The Weinstein Co.’s Mandela: The Long Walk Home)

FLEMING: What an elegant moment, U2 speaking on Mandela after so many years of songs about political oppression and apartheid

BUSCH: Yes, great moment. “Love would do a better job.” Life is only and always about love.

Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries/TV movie: Jon Voight, Showtime’s Ray Donovan

BUSCH: At least he’s consistent – in Voight’s speech, he made a point of making a shout-out to Bryan Zuriff, the former EP of Ray Donovan whose currently under house arrest for his role in a multi-million illegal gambling scheme. Late last year, Voight was one of several celebrity friends who wrote letter to the court on behalf of Zuriff in order for him to receive a more lenient sentence. But Voight has been wearing that same white scarf for the past 18 years.

Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical: Amy Adams, Sony’s American Hustle

Amy Adams GlobesBUSCH: I guess the HFPA didn’t mind Amy Adams’ English accent coming and going in American Hustle.

FLEMING: Man, this show is really sucking wind. Some of category introductions are weak. Would be nice if Tina and Amy stayed onstage the entire night.

Best Actress – TV Series Drama: Robin Wright, Netflix’s House Of Cards

FLEMING: Between Netflix’s House Of Cards win, Weinstein’s U2 win and Harvey Weinstein being identified as a father to yet one more kid in that last skit, looks like the TWC/Netflix party at Trader Vic’s will be rocking tonight.

BUSCH: Amy Poehler in a wig looked like Michael J. Fox’s Alex P. Keaton – I could believe that as Harvey’s son. The timeline makes sense. Jim Carrey, funny as always. “Shia LeBouf” Comedy is easy, Dying is hard. So young, so wise.” So retired?

Supporting Actor – Motion Picture: Jared Leto, Focus Features’ Dallas Buyers Club

FLEMING: Would be a nice time for a shout out to James Schamus and Andrew Karpen, the outgoing heads of one of Hollywood’s most respected independent labels. But Jared Leto seems to be going hard on his Brazilian. So leave the shout out to us.

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture: Spike Jonze, Her

FLEMING: Must say that Spike Jonze’s decision to switch from Samantha Morton to Scarlett Johansson. If Scarlett replaced the monotonous librarian tones of Siri, I would not have switched to a Samsung cell phone. Also interesting that Spike cut out Samantha, and he himself had a starring role that ended up on the cutting room floor of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. Karma.

Bd040YOCcAArC92BUSCH: Wow that was quick. Warner Bros. marketing people are already at work. Seconds after Spike Jonze won for best screenplay for Her, they tweeted out its new ad.

Best Actor – TV Series, Comedy or Musical: Andy Samberg, Fox’ Brooklyn Nine-Nine

FLEMING: Andy Samberg, huge surprise win against Bateman, Cheadle, Fox, Parsons. Clearly he was surprised but all that SNL training came in handy as his impromptu acceptance speech was one of the night’s best so far. HFPA loves first-year shows. Same with House of Cards and Ray Donovan.

BUSCH: Are we halfway through yet? No? Where’s the caffeine? Be more funny! Fleming is more funny than this show.

Best Foreign Language Film: The Great Beauty (Italy)

Best Actor, Miniseries or TV Movie: Michael Douglas, HBO’s Behind The Candelabra

FLEMING: Let’s hope Michael doesn’t channel Tina Fey’s most famous SNL skit, the one about Colonel Angus.

BUSCH: Michael Douglas talked about his gift of the script for Behind The Candelabra. His life is a gift. Looking good. Welcome back, Michael. We hear that the drinking inside the Hilton is in high gear. Maybe the show will get better when everyone gets drunk. The hosts came on with drinks, Emma Thompson almost drank out of her shoe …

FLEMING: We have to wait until this is over and we go to Harvey’s party and do shots with him, Bono, The Edge, Idris and David Glasser.

BUSCH: Who dat? JK I love The Edge. Captive rules. WTF? Looks like NBC press people are drinking, too. NBC just sent out a press release. Here it is: NBCUNIVERSAL NEWS GROUP ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC COLLABORATION AND INVESTMENT IN NOWTHIS NEWS. Tonight of all nights, guys? Okay, that’s your announcement … now go back watching your network’s program.

Best Animated Feature: Disney’s Frozen

Best Actress – TV Series Comedy or Musical: Amy Poehler, NBC’s Parks & Recreation

BUSCH: Looks like Bono has the golden touch. He gives Amy one back rub … and she wins? Oh, wait, yeah, she’s the host. Never mind.

FLEMING: They are showing a retrospective of Woody Allen’s best films. What a body of work. And how many career achievement awards are given to a filmmaker who doesn’t show up to accept it? Attaboy, Woody. We can’t be the only ones to notice a decided lack of clips featuring Mia Farrow. They may never talk again, but their bodies of work are indelibly linked.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ShowBUSCH: Diane Keaton accepted the award for Woody Allen as Annie Hall. Favorite Woody Allen quote: “Success gives people permission to be who they were always supposed to be anyway.”

FLEMING: Is Diane Keaton straying into Jacqueline Bisset terrain? How much drinking are they doing at these tables? Painful!

BUSCH: Yep, Diane’s been drinking. She’s singing Nursery Rhymes. Looks like one person turned off the Globes early – Mia Farrow just tweeted “Nite all” right when Keaton began talking.

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FLEMING: Rambling or talking?

BUSCH: Mia also tweeted earlier: “Time to grab some ice cream & switch over to #GIRLS”

Best Director – Motion Picture: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

FLEMING: What a win for Cuaron. This could be meaningful, as this is an auteur turn much like Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi. Ang went on to win the Oscar for another movie that I still can’t believe got made. Cuaron’s speech is terrific, the “earpiece” for “herpes” line was great. Surprise though that he did not thank Jeff Robinov, because no way that movie would have gotten made if not for him. This was a film that got kicked to the curb by Universal after Angelina Jolie dropped out. And Warner Bros could not get one of its co-financiers to step up. Not until later, when RatPac was kissed into a huge windfall for its new slate financing deal.

DEADLINE TEAM: Either NBC got a sneak peek at the Globes winner or they are the fastest promo placers in history – mere minutes Alfonso Cuaron won Best Director for Gravity he was named as a GG winner in the promo for the network’s upcoming Believe. The show previews on March 10th after The Voice and goes into its regular slot six days later. Did they know?

Best TV Series – Comedy or Musical: Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine

BUSCH: Show co-creator Dan Goor made a very weird shout-out to Fox Broadcasting’s chairman of entertainment Kevin Reilly thanking him and saying that he was “very handsome and smart” … yes, well, of course … that’s what it takes to get a show made in Hollywood today. Flattery will get you everywhere. First of all, who’s seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Brooklyn 99? Give me Google maps.

Best Actor – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical: Leonardo DiCaprio (Paramount/Red Granite’s The Wolf Of Wall Street)

FLEMING: Anita just did a Danny Thomas spit-take when Leo won. Look, this movie has certainly created a polarizing reaction, but this is deserved in my opinion. It’s the best performance of Leo’s career and this should give him a boost heading into Oscar season in a most crowded field. Any one of these guys could have won.

BUSCH: Leo Schmeo. F*cking A. For shame. Mike, get down off the table. Word from inside the ballroom is that the show is slow and draggy and fairly uneventful. Even Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan left for a more exciting pastures. We hear that they both just walked into AMC’s Globes viewing party to a standing ovation.

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical: Sony’s American Hustle

BUSCH: Now, it’s my turn to smile. Now, there’s a real movie, Mike. Leonardo came back and thanked Brad Grey (Brad told him he had to).

Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama: Cate Blanchett (Sony Pictures Classics’ Blue Jasmine)

BUSCH: The only good thing to come out of the Bernie Madoff scandal, Blue Jasmine. “Can people at home hear this music or do they just think I’m having a panic attack?” said Cate.

Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama: Matthew McConaughey (Focus Features’ Dallas Buyers Club)

BUSCH: First-timer McConaughey reverted to his Dazed And Confused character Wooderson, “Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright!”  McConaughey won the same night his True Detective premiered on HBO. Hey Mike, wake up … there’s one more award.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomFLEMING: Pacing myself for the parties. Nice to see McConaughey finally getting some cred. And fun that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet both playing loathsome characters who benefited from financial scandals. When is this thing over?

Best Motion Picture – Drama: 12 Years A Slave (Fox Searchlight/New Regency/River Road)

BUSCH: Not the most entertaining movie of the year but certainly the most important in terms of film history. Tina Fey, raising her glass: “This is the beautiful mess we had hoped it would be.” A three-hour mess with mostly valleys, right Mike? Mike? Where’d he go?