Ben Stiller in a still from The Secret Life of Walter MittyThe Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were flooded with films. Many of those pictures opened to less than stellar numbers in the U.S. and are all but forgotten as box office reporting goes onto the new openers. But, some of those holiday films are doing well overseas, and worth noting like the Fox marketed/distributed The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty which has grossed $161.2M worldwide to date. So, I’m compiling a few of the more interesting holiday openers just to revisit where they are in their worldwide runs. This is not to say that they are profitable films, only to note that their total worldwide cumes are rather surprising. Mitty and Walking With Dinosaurs are but two of these films. cover1762399bigAllMitty opened at Christmas and has grossed a total U.S. of $55.7M to date but has received roughly 66% of its entire box office from international markets with $106.2M. Meanwhile, the kid-friendly dinosaur film that got stuck in the sludge in the domestic marketplace when it opened on December 20, Walking With Dinosaurs at $106M has grossed roughly 67% of its worldwide cume overseas with $72.2M for a worldwide total (as of last Sunday). The overseas figure is more than double Dinosaurs domestic box office to date of $34.4M. The 3D pic, with a budget claimed to be around $80M was financed by Reliance Entertainment and IM Global and produced by BBC Earth and LA’s Evergreen Films. Noteworthy: Meanwhile, Paramount’s Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is now at a hefty $164.6M with its domestic run ($122.9M) more than doubling its international run since its December 18 opening. LThe Wolf Of Wall Street, $168M worldwide take was financed by Red Granite International and marketed and distributed by Par in the states and Uni’s int’l arm in many (but not all) markets overseas. It took in $93M+ domestically with an extra $75M from international since opening Christmas Day. And, what ever happened to Universal/Elliot’s mega-budgeted 47 Ronin? Since opening on Christmas day, it has cumed $116.3M worldwide ($78.5M has come from international markets with $25M alone from Russia).